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Part-Time Jobs During Your Study in the UK

October 2021

The United Kingdom is the leading study abroad destination. Many colleges and universities in the UK are highly recognized not because of the oldest education system but also because of the great entrepreneurs have achieved their certificates in the UK.

Study in the UK benefits the students to experience a new culture.

There are plenty of opportunities for international students to do a part-time job, all you need is to pick up the job that suits you best. Students take up part-time job in order to take advantage of their free time in earning some extra money.

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Part-time job regulation for International Students in UK

The UK also allows international students to do part-time jobs but with criteria. International students can work for 20 hours per week during college time and 40 hours per week during break/ vacation time.

Understand the Policy and Regulation in UK

  1. Students who enrolled in programmes other than the degree can only work for 10 hours.
  2. Students who enrolled in part-time courses are not allowed to work in the United Kingdom.
  3. Students who take employment on a part-time basis cannot be self-employed. He/she cannot be a sportsperson or entertainer, do any sort of business or take any permanent job.
  4. The visa should be issued for full-time degree studies and should be valid.

Tips of part-time jobs in UK

  1. Maintaining study and work balance
  2. While working hard on a part-time job student also need to focus on their curriculum and maintain the balance between work and study. As a student, you would spend a lot of money to pursue higher education so there is nothing wrong to work part-time.
  3. Find a job nearby.
    Search your part-time job near to the university would be the best suggestion. In this way, the student will save a lot of time and travel expenses and it would also help to cope up with the studies. One can get help from the locals, university seniors or even with the university staff.

Types of a part-time job in the

  1. Marketing
  2. Education
  3. Call centre Agent
  4. Customer Service Advisor
  5. Driver
  6. Research Assistant
  7. Sales
  8. social care
  9. Health Service
  10. Administration

Some students also work at McDonald's, coffee shops, or as pizza delivery. Even in these jobs, they have set age criteria. It would be better to search for a part-time job in an applied course. This will help to gain theory as well as practical knowledge. It will also help you to apply the studied theory into practice and increase network. Here is a list of how one can find a part-time job in an applied field.

Asking from the Career team of the UK university

The career team helps students to obtain the most suitable job for them in the local area, also guide them how to achieve their goal and other suitable options.

Search for opening in the local newspaper

Newspapers are always reliable as it shows the updated daily openings nearby, it would help you to apply for the same.

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