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December 2020

Ranked amongst the top institutions globally, universities in New Zealand have continued to hold immense prominence in the education sector.

  • In a breath of fresh air, there is some stupendous news coming the student's way. In a recent announcement, the government in New Zealand has initiated a border exception category wherein 250 students looking to study in New Zealand through either the Ph.D. or postgraduate programs are set to enter the nation's borders.
  • If 250 seats aren't filled by the Ph.D. students, the focus will shift towards level 9 Master’s students in the same priority categories.
  • This is taken as a signal of future expectations and highlights the commitments of the government to ensure that the needs of international students are also catered to.
  • These forthcoming steps by Education New Zealand have instilled a sense of relief among a large number of students looking to study at universities in New Zealand.
  • Chief Executive of Education New Zealand said, “New Zealand welcomes the contributions that international students make to our country. In turn, a New Zealand education globalises students thinking, gives them the skills to work across borders and cultures, and enables them to be part of ground-breaking international research. All of this will become even more important as the world recovers from global effects of COVID-19”.
  • These students who are permitted to enter the borders of the nation have shown a great deal of commitment and zeal to study in New Zealand. Moreover, taking into account that their course was disrupted with the onset of the pandemic, the country wants to ensure that they are given the opportunity to continue their education. Due to the practical nature of their course, online studies become arduous and thus, they are welcomed in the country. Courses in the realm of medicine, veterinary, engineering, laboratory sciences, agricultural research are expected to be tapped into.
  • This acts as a signal to the future accommodations that are expected to come in place when the situation normalizes.
  • McPherson Chief Executive of ENZ said, "We look forward to further border exceptions, that will benefit as many education providers and international students as possible, as and when it is safe to do so".
  • This idea is said to be implemented in November to help those 250 students who hold student visas to enter the boundaries. Proponents are also expecting that the trend will follow in the next year as well. The government's managed isolation and quarantine facilities will play a determining role in the number of students allowed to enter the country.
  • Education Minister Chris Hipkins said, "The exception today is a balanced decision that recognises the vital role international education will play in the recovery and rebuild of New Zealand and the need to continue the fight against the pandemic".
  • Apart from undertaking COVD-19 tests, before entering the country, students will also be admitted for 14 days in government-managed isolation and quarantine facilities.

The above update only signals the positive path that lays ahead. Students must get on their toes and commence their applications to study in New Zealand. To do this, get in touch with Edwise today.


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