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Know More About The Different Types of Universities in Australia

September 2022

Like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France, New Zealand, Canada etc. Australia is one of the highly sought after study overseas destinations. The country experiences the influx of a large number of international students, including many Indians, each year. Australia is home to top notch universities and colleges. The education system in Australia is distinctive with the colleges and universities in Australia imparting superior quality education. Universities in Australia offer a vast array of courses for students to choose from. Courses in Australia are offered across various disciplines viz. Architecture, Computer Science and Information Technology, Marketing, Nursing, Engineering, Education, among others. The 8 Australian universities rank amidst the top 100 universities internationally. With an aim to acquire an education of high caliber and encounter the top ranking education system, many students choose to study in Australia. Moreover, studying with peers from different cultures and backgrounds enables one to experience the multicultural diversity that the country has to offer. The country also offers post-study work opportunities and a high standard of living. Moreover, the country is among the safest for international students.

Know More About The Different Types of Universities in Australia

The Different Types of Universities in Australia

Universities in Australia were founded during the period from mid-1960s to the 1970s, by state governments in order to address the demands of higher education. The main objective was to re-evaluate the pattern of education and bring about a difference in it from that of the traditional universities. During this phase the universities that were established are as under:

Australian Technology Network (ATN)

A group consisting of six of the most ingenious and industrious universities in Australia, The Australian Technology Network (ATN) was set up in 1999. The focal point of the ATN is to provide effective technology solutions to issues with an aim to better the society as well as the economy. In 1975, the Directors of Central Institutes of Technology (DOCIT) formed the Australian Technology Network. It was dissolved in 1982. Member universities of the ATN have a strong command in the technological field of study. The member universities of the ATN are as under:

The Group of Eight (Go8)

The biggest and the oldest educational institution in Australia, the Group of Eight (Go8) was established in 1999, advanced in education and research. It comprises eight research intensive universities in Australia that are well known for delivering excellent education and research facilities the world over. These universities impart extensive research opportunities, are constantly the highest ranked among all universities in Australia, and are popular among foreign students. The member universities of the Group of Eight are as mentioned below:

Regional Universities

Australia comprises a group of seven universities primarily from regional Australia, as well as campuses in the Australian capital cities and several international campuses, that come under the umbrella of Regional Universities Network (RUN). This was founded in 2011. The main objective of the Regional Universities Network is to make a notable contribution to the growth of regional communities and economies. The regional universities see to it that all have access to higher education and produce competent professionals needed for regional development. The member universities of the RUN i.e. Regional Universities Network are:

New Generation Universities

For graduates of higher secondary school, colleges imparting state-of-the-art education were set up by the Australian Government with an aim to acquaint them to the new form of higher education institutions. The division between the university and non-university sectors was ended in 1988. Not just this, in 2002, the network of these universities was built as a lobby group. This however, lasted for only a few years. The member universities of the New Generation Universities (NGU) grouping were:

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