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IELTS Training at Edwise

February 2016

Edwise offers intensive and comprehensive training services to students who aspire to obtain an acceptable score in the IELTS. We have a team of experienced, highly qualified and well trained teachers who will be guiding the students.

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How we coach our students

We conduct a mock test on the first day of training, simulating the testing conditions, to gauge where the candidates stand in terms of English abilities. Students are given their scores once the test is over. We then begin with the classroom training and use the Cambridge IELTS Books, an official publication for IELTS for classroom sessions

In the Listening section, the audio is played non-stop and students answer the questions as they listen. Once the test is over, the answers are given, explaining the focus on spellings, conventions of writing and marking scheme

For Reading, our trainers explain the various question types, and different approaches to answer the same. After the introductory discussion, students are given passages to solve. Towards the end of each test, every question is discussed with the students and answers are explained. In this manner, the students complete four tests. Discussion is an integral part of these sessions

In Writing, the types of tasks are explained with essay-writing guidelines. Each essay is assessed and guidelines are provided to improve the essay

Speaking is conducted on a one on one basis and is conducted on the same lines as that of the IELTS test. The answers are then discussed after the session. Scores are given, and guidelines are provided to improve the scores

After the training period is complete, mock tests are conducted and scores are given for each test

Salient features of IELTS training at Edwise

. Edwise offers/provides 30 hours of classroom training

. Teaching involves enhancing the performance in all aspects of the test

. Guidance towards the type of approach for different questions, with sufficient practice in all areas of the test

. Sessions are personalized, with a maximum of 8 students per batch

. 20 full length mock tests

. Well stocked library

. Availability of weekday or weekend batches ( Tuesday to Friday, 2 hours per day or Saturday and Sunday, 4 hours per day)

. The option of shifting to any branch throughout India

. The Cambridge IELTS, the official publication for IELTS is issued as part of the courseware

Free IELTS Training Scheme (FITS)

Edwise offers free IELTS Training Scheme. Under this scheme, if a student enrols in a university represented by Edwise and obtains visa for study purposes at the same institution, the student is entitled for a fee refund after deducting taxes and the courseware cost.

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