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How to make friends at university when studying online

May 2021

University students in the past year were either required to study online or were met with hybrid classes. For some, this was an arduous task because it meant making friends online. A major challenge that university students faced when studying abroad online was forging connections with their classmates. Because the amount of social interaction occurring in person is limited, making friends can become an uphill task.

Here are some activities that you can undertake when making friends during your overseas education program

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Virtual Social Games

  • Students can come together on video conferencing platforms and interact through the means of playing games. All students should be encouraged to participate in these activities because it not only helps forge relations but also enables the enhancement of some key skills that include, collaboration.
  • There are many virtual multiplayer games available that university students can participate in. Participating in such activities during your online study abroad will enable you to form a sense of community.
  • Your education abroad is much more than academics, it is also about forging international connections. And just because the pandemic has hindered the same, doesn't mean you won't get to experience the same.
  • Participating in these video activities brings students one step closer to those face-to-face interactions.

Utilize Social Media

  • Social Media can be an impeccable tool when used wisely. It is the perfect platform to connect with your peers during your study abroad. From liking, sharing, and replying to their stories and posts, social media can be seen as the first step to making friends.
  • It is important to remember that all students like yourself are going through a similar battle. Therefore, taking the first step can go a long way in making those fruitful connections. Interacting with your classmates on what you're going through is an excellent conversation starter.
  • Indulging in honest as well as fun conversations will go a long way in helping you make friends when studying online.

Form Group Chats

  • Forming group chats is one thing, but keeping them active is a whole new ball game. Online university can be so much more than just logging in to attend classes, it is about making those connections. Therefore, making group chats with the peers in your course will be an excellent platform to not only discuss academic doubts, but also engage in other fulfilling social activities.
  • Talking about yourself, hobbies, aspirations and other nuances will help you make friends during your virtual higher education abroad.
  • You could also form study groups and study with those on your program.

Participate in Student Organizations

  • Join student organizations that resonate with your aspirations and inclinations are. These are not only beneficial from the perspective of academics, but also give you a sense of belonging because you can interact with students who have the same set of passions as you.

There is no secret formula that works for all. It is all up to an individual process and finding a rhythm that works best for you. An excellent idea is to make your study abroad applications with Edwise. As leading study abroad consultants, we help you connect with students who are also studying at your university or course and help you make that first step towards forging relations.

Study abroad

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