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How Do You Manage Your International Payments

December 2017

The very first question that comes to each mind when thinking of perusing International Degrees is 'How to manage the payments'. Sometimes it can be expensive being an international student. It's often really difficult to stick to the budgets, because there are so much to do in the foreign land. However, it is always advisable to maintain a budget, as it always helps you not to overspend.

Here are few tips which will make your life easy in a foreign land without overspending:-

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Draw a Rough Budget

Saying so, it means that you should have a rough idea about your daily, weekly or monthly expenses. If you have a budget planned, it always helps you in all the possible was not to spend more. Drawing a rough budget also helps you in channelizing your expenditures.

Considering Personal Situation

When it comes to the expenses which includes your study cost, projects and experiments and your other expenditure, always make sure that you look into your personal situation. As there are a lot to do in a foreign land, this sometimes misguide you to do things which are way different from your personal situation, as hence this forces you to overspend not keeping in mind about your situation.

Part Time Work

It's always profitable doing part-time jobs to cater your educational expenses. Grab the opportunities which are provided to do some kind of part-time jobs as it helps in building your experience as well as adds to manage your expenses. There are plenty of opportunities for students to work during their studies. Income from working part-time should not affect your entitlement to loans and bursaries.

Making Choices

Sometimes making a right choice also matters. As when you are in a foreign land, usually, there are few things which fantasize you. You often start taking things personally without looking into your current state. Make a wise choice of your daily expenses, look out for things which are pocket friendly, start cooking yourself that saves most of your money from eating out, look for budget friendly calling rates as you have to make international calls as phone bills can also be a sizeable item, ask for notes from the professors as they keep the records of good notes saving your expenditures for buying new books. Making a choice in a strange land is always beneficial.

Living Costs

This is the vital expenditure. Living costs include accommodation, food, and travel. We suggest try not to be tempted by offers such as 'two for the price of one,' especially when you didn't want one in the first place. Use local markets for groceries, charity shops for clothes, and students' unions for stationary. If living with others, share essentials and buy in bulk if possible .Take time to look at different options, as there may be something cheaper available.

Study Cost

These are costs associated with your degree such as books, equipment, or certain fieldwork or electives. You may be able to received extra money for study costs. Library plays an important role at your university and look for second-hand book sales from your students' union or online bookshops. Sometimes fellow students are willing to share.

Channelize Your Payments

Coming down to the payments for the international students could be one big task. One often faces the dilemma of how to pay the fees and other expenses considering the factors like currency exchange charges, safety etc. Usually there are few financial institution who plays a vital role in the transferring your money like western union, fly wires etc. These institutions are closely associated with the universities to help out with any kind of financial situations. It's always advisable to transfer the money through this financial institution as it makes your international payments feasible.

Other Expenses

Often students get bored with their academic life and hence look for a sneak pick out of the regular schedule and for refreshments. You will have other interests you may wish to pursue that come at a cost. Your students' union generally offers a selection of shops, places to eat and drink and other services at minimal expense. The social scene - whether it is the cinema, nightclub, eating or drinking out- can be a significant cost. Keep an eye out for student discounts and offers. University isn't all about work.

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