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Hospitality Management Courses In Australia For International Students

May 2022

In today's times, an increasing number of people look to opt for distinctive job opportunities. Teenagers are now more prepared towards pursuing relatively new career paths. Due to this an ample of career avenues have unfolded. Among the many, Hotel Management is one such course. Hospitality and Tourism Management as a flourishing industry offers alluring opportunities to graduates globally. This program focuses on teaching the refinements and distinctiveness of running a hotel business that is successful. Those aspiring to be a part of this captivating and rapidly growing sector seek high quality training. This training is exactly what Australian universities provide. All the preferred study abroad destinations are devising new specializations and related courses in the Haspitality Management field. Australia is one of the most sought after destination among many international students. The country is home to rich heritage and culture. There are a multitude of colleges and universities in Australia. Australian universities offer a plethora of courses to opt for. Courses in Australia range across various disciplines viz. Law, Dentistry, Business and Management, Accountancy, Psychology, Architecture etc. The Australian hospitality sector offers its students the opportunity to learn with the best minds in the industry, and understand what defines the finest brands of hospitality.

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Studying Hotel Management and Hospitality in Australia: Cost

Owing to the yearly increase in the cost, majority of the international students are apprehensive and anxious about the complete cost of studying in Australia. This in turn causes many students acquiring a large student loan debt. As an international student who desires to study in Australia, one should acknowledge all the financial requirements of going to college in Australia. Studying Hotel Management and Hospitality in Australia will cost an international student AU$ 15,000 to AU$ 33,000 (USD 11,300 to USD 24,700) each academic year. Similarly, an average cost of living in Australia, per year is around AY$ 18,012 (USD 14,100).

Benefits of pursuing a Hospitality Management course in Australia:

All-inclusive Education: Providers of Hotel Management degrees in Australia, besides inculcating a sound theoretical foundation also pay keen attention on certain units viz: Food and Beverage Management, Asset and Property Management, Service Management, Front Office Management, and others, thus offering an all-round view of the Hospitality industry.

Hands-on Training: A practical training component is included in Hotel Management courses in Australia. This is in the form of an internship for six months or one semester. This internship has been outlined to give a professional edge to the training rendered to students. It is a compulsory segment of the curriculum with the credits earned by students, transferred towards all-round performance.

Globally Tailored Courses: Hospitality Management courses in Australia are designed in such a manner so as to fulfil the expectations of both, students as well as managers. Keeping in mind the requirements of international students, courses have a global appeal.

Job Prospects: The hotel industry globally lacks skilled, qualified and well trained professionals. This makes people with Hotel Management degrees highly desired the world over, in general and in Australia, in particular.

Globally Recognized Degrees: In Australia, courses and degrees in Hospitality Management are offered at both, the undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels. In addition, these qualifications are endorsed at the highest level with accrediting bodies. Students can thus, be assured of the quality of degrees.

In light of the above mentioned benefits, studying Hotel/Hospitality Management in Australia can prove to be a favorable investment.

Scholarships in Australia for Hospitality Management:

International students who study in Australia are offered scholarships by the Australian government as well as numerous universities in Australia. Few of the scholarships for Hospitality Management courses in Australia include:

  • Monash International Tuition Scholarship (MITS) 2022
  • La Trobe International Scholarship, 2021-22
  • Charles Darwin University-Vice-Chancellor's International High Achiever’s Scholarship In Australia 2022
  • Torrens University Australia

Leading Australian Universities For Hospitality Management:

Griffith University: Conferred Best Tourism Educator by National Tourism Awards in 2010, the Hospitality department at Griffith University attracts a multitude of hospitality students to its different undergraduate programs, for instance, the Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management, as well as postgraduate certification and diplomas in Tourism.

University of Queensland: To learn successful leadership in the hotel management industry, UQ offers a Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management degree. The course combines both, theoretical as well as practical experience, with initiatives namely Executive Shadowing Program, coupled with a Tourism Regional Internship Project, to foster managerial capabilities of its students.

Bond University: The Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourist Management at Bond University offers vocational training to incorporate students into the international hospitality industry. Bond University has links with international hotels like Intercontinental, Hilton, and Marriott to make sure that students acquire quality work experience.

Among the many other universities in Australia are La Trobe University and Victoria University.

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