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Getting PR in Australia

March 2022

Australia - 'The Land Down Under' is generally associated with kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles. Australia is an appreciable place to live with a culture that is easy-going and people who are welcoming and warm. It is one of the premier study abroad destinations providing globally recognized degrees and a high level of classroom instruction. Currently, there are about 7 lac international students signed up in the country's prominent institutions.

Many international students who move to Australia set their hearts on staying back to get employed and live there post their course completion due to a higher standard of living along with an opportunity to promote their careers.

Courses in Australia

The Skill Select Program

To settle in Australia, one must apply for a visa through the Skill Select program managed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. It is an online portal allowing potential applicants to submit their considerations for a skilled visa through an Expression of Interest (EOI). The conditions to apply for an EOI are:

  1. Personal information
  2. A nominated occupation
  3. Information about work experience and education
  4. Information regarding English Language Proficiency
  5. Details of skills assessment related to the nominated occupation
  6. Information about business and investment experience
  7. Age bar: 16 - 49

Skilled Independent Visa

This is a Visa for applicants not sponsored by an employer, a state/ territory or a family member who is a PR or Australian citizen. This Visa allows living and working permanently anywhere in Australia and also has additional provisions to include family members in the application process. On successful application and receipt of the visa, one is allowed to live and work in Australia for 5 years with multiple entries granted on travels outside the country. On living for 4 consecutive years with this visa in Australia, you become eligible to apply for citizenship. You can also choose to live in Australia for 2 of 5 years and still get your visa renewed for a further 5 years.

Employer Nomination Scheme

This Visa allows Australian employers to sponsor international workers by providing them job opportunities and the chance to live and work permanently in Australia. This Visa allows the holder to work and stay in Australia indefinitely as a PR, access Medicare, travel outside with multiple entries over 5 years, etc.

The visa applicant must be below 50 years of age with proficiency in English and have a minimum work experience of 3 years to fulfill a few of the eligibility criteria.

The Skilled Independent Visa is looked upon as the best opportunity for international students to secure a PR in Australia post completion of their education. A GSM approval is highly dependent on your scores in the Points Test.

Following are a few tips to score well in the test:

  1. PSW in Australia - Get relevant job experience and enhance your language skills by staying back in Australia after your course completion. Secure a Temporary Graduate Visa to stay back in Australia for a period of 18 months.
  2. Augment your qualifications - Increase your level of qualification to score better in the Points Test.
  3. Language proficiency - Applying for a PR requires you to demonstrate your expertise in the English language. The higher the score in your English language proficiency, the higher will be your points in the Points Test.
  4. Choose regional universities - A degree from a regional university has its own perks. Applicants who have lived in a specific regional area for 2 years whilst working full-time for a year become eligible to apply for a Skilled Regional Visa.
  5. Age limit - Age has a great amount of impact on your scores on the points test. Ensure to time your application as applicants in the age group of 25 - 32 are given 30 points, however, people above 45 do not receive any points.
  6. Professional experience - The more experience you have in your chosen field, the more points are awarded to you. Hence, it is important for international students to brush up on their work experience. Experience in the same field out of Australia is also considered.
  7. Professional year program - The 12-month program is designed to club formal learning and hands-on practical experience leading to the holistic development of a candidate. The course completion adds 5 extra points to your test.

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Australian Visa Process

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