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Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in The USA

July 2020

Education in the USA, has always been an alluring aspect for Indian students. The quality of education, job opportunities, flexible curriculum, and funding avenues are major pull factors. A vast number of higher education institutions in the USA, offer an ambit of courses to students. Home to the highest number of education institutions, a large proportion of them rank amongst the world rankings.

Education in the USA, is one of the greatest investments that a student can make for their future. Since the country has made immense strides in research and technology, it develops the innovative and critical thinking abilities of students.

Like you, there are a significant number of students who wish to study in USA, here's a list of the most frequently asked questions by them which may help solve some of your doubts.


Are 15 years of education accepted in the USA?

Most Universities in USA, require students to possess 16 years of education for admission into an MBA or any other graduate programs. It is therefore advisable to complete M. Com / M.A/ M.Sc. or at least one year of any Master's Degree before taking admission to an American university. Some universities accept 15 years of education with 2-3 years of relevant work experience.

How do I get funds to study in the USA?

There are a range of funding avenues that you can consider. Bank loans, assistantships, discounts, and scholarships are a few of them. Scholarships are highly competitive in nature and thus, students need to make an application within the stipulated time. Not just this, but students need to make sure that they present a strong application in order to secure acceptance. .

What tests do I need to give?

To be able to attain an education in the USA, students are supposed to meet certain levels of English proficiency. Exams such as the IELTS/TOEFL are accepted. Moreover, to be eligible to make an application for an undergraduate program, students need to appear for the SAT/ACT exam. If you are looking to study a postgraduate program, you will be required to give the GRE/GMAT depending on the university and course under consideration.

What are the intakes offered by universities?

Major intake of US colleges and universities is in Fall, during August and September, whilst some also have a Spring intake in January/February/March. Summer and Winter intakes are also available.

When is the ideal time to start my application process?

Once you have made your decision to study in USA, you should commence your process one year in advance. This specifically would be an advantage to those students looking out for scholarships.

Can I work during my course?

Yes, you will be permitted to work 20 hours a week on-campus during the term and full-time during the vacation period.

Is it possible for me to change schools once I reach the USA?

Once you are in the USA, you are governed by the USCIS rule. According to this rule, you cannot change the school before completing one semester at the school. It is advisable that you make your choice carefully to avoid problems at a later date.

What is the concept of Transfer Student?

A transfer option is to complete at least 2 years of the Bachelor / Diploma program in any country and then apply for a transfer to the University that a student wants to attend in the USA. The years waived off in your transfer status will depend on the courses covered in India and the grades for the same. It is rare that one can get an exact transfer of credits when they decide to study in USA.

What will my stay- back opportunities look like?

Study in USA from India after graduation enables students to work for 1 year popularly known as OPT (Optional Practical Training). Students with certain degrees in the STEM field are allowed to work for 36 months. On completion of their OPT, students can apply for an H1 B visa (Work Permit Visa) for work.

Nearly every imaginable field of study is taught at universities in the USA, which ensures that the need of every individual student is catered to.


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