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Facts About Australia

July 2022

Australia has a huge but sparsely populated; scorching hot, but can see more snow than Switzerland; teeming with sharks, snakes, and spiders, but still an appealing destination for a vacation. It's also home to no other mammals capable of laying eggs, a flightless bird incapable of walking backward, and inhabitants that once emphasized MasterChef over an election. Australia offers delicious meals, fantastic music, and an unforgettable experience. It has a thriving cultural and folk scene. Australia is one of the world's most enjoyable countries. When we think of Australia, we think of kangaroos, landscapes, koalas, bush, the Sydney Opera House, and the Great Barrier Reef, but how much do you know about Australia? Here are some fascinating facts about the country.

Facts About Australia

The largest Greek population in Australian City

Outside of Greece, the largest Greek population is in Melbourne with 173, 598.

There is 160 spoken language

Although Australia doesn't have any official language and considered English as an official language there are 160 different languages spoken in Australia.

Queen Elizabeth II once replaced the entire Australian government

Queen Elizabeth II decided to step in and astonished the nation by firing everybody in Parliament in 1975's Australian government shutdown cause.

Advanced currency in the world

The Australian Dollar is said to be the most advanced currency in the world. It is made of polymer and is waterproof.

World's largest nations

As Australia covers the entire continent, it makes the country one of the largest countries on Earth

26th January is an Official National Day of Australia

This special day commemorates the entrance of the First Fleet of British ships in Port Jackon in 1788. It also commemorates Governor Arthur Philip's raising of the British flag at Sydney Cove.

It took 14 years to construct the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House was supposed to take four years to build. However, it took 14 years and 10,000 construction workers to complete.

Australia has the longest fence in the world

Dingo Fence is the longest fence in the world. It is longer than The Great Wall of China. It is 5,331 kilometers in length.

The first police officers in Australia were criminals

In 1789, the Night Watch the first police force named was formed by Governor Arthur Philip. This unit was formed of the 12 best-behaved convicts who had been chosen to help prevent crimes in Sydney.

Sheep outnumbers people and kangaroos in Australia

There are around 25 million kangaroos and 20 people with 150 million sheep. This means 8 sheep for every person.

In Australia, the Great Emu War erupted

When the emu's population grew, they began to wreak havoc on crops, and this was the beginning of the end. The Great Emu War in Australia pitted man against the bird.

Canberra is the capital of Australia

To resolve the dispute between Sydney and Melbourne which wanted to be the country's administrative center, Canberra was selected as the capital of the country.

19 World Heritage are in Australia

Australia has 19 world heritage sites likes Sydney Opera House, Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Kakadu, the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne also including historic townships, cities, and landscapes.

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