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Extension Of Post-Study Work Rights By An Additional Two Years In Australia

July 2023

International higher education graduates in Australia who meet the requirements will receive an additional two years of post-study work rights beginning on July 1, 2023.

Post Study Work Visa Extension Australia

The Australian government has made a significant change by extending the post-study employment privileges to qualifying international higher education graduates with certain degrees for an additional 2 years on their Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485). The maximum number of part-time hours for international students studying in Australia has also been increased. Learn more about the most recent changes.

Extension of post-study work privileges:-

The post-study work privileges of international students in Australia will be extended for an additional two years. Here are some crucial key points.

Graduates of foreign higher education programs in Australia who meet the necessary requirements will receive an additional two years of post-study work rights beginning on July 1, 2023.

Graduates of foreign higher education programs in Australia who meet the necessary requirements will receive an additional two years of post-study work rights beginning on July 1, 2023.

  • Two years to four years for select Bachelor's degrees.
  • Three years to five years for select Master's degrees.
  • Four years to six years for all Doctoral qualifications (PhDs)

Lists of in-demand professions and relevant qualifications were created using a mapping procedure that was approved by Jobs and Skills Australia and the Department of Education, Australia, to make this expansion effective.

Before the law's implementation on July 1st, 2023, the Department of Education will publish a comprehensive list mapped to CRICOS course codes. When the whole list is made public, students should consult it to verify whether their specific course is approved by their provider.

In addition to the current additional one to two years of work privileges, the extension is available to qualifying students who study, reside, and work in regional areas.

Increase in permissible work hours beginning July 1, 2023 :-

Additionally, starting July 1, 2023, the Government will raise the limit on part-time employment for international students while they are enrolled in classes from 40 to 48 hours each fortnight.

 Regions   Program Category   Bachelors Masters  (Coursework & Research)    Phd. 
 Major Cities    Eligible Qualifications (Under verified skills shortages)  4 Years  5 Years 6 Years
 Other Qualifications  2 Years  3 Years
  Cities and major
regional centers
 Eligible Qualifications
(Under verified skills shortages)
 5 Years  6 Years 7 Years
 Other Qualifications  3 Years  4 Years
 Regional centers &
other regional areas  
 Eligible Qualifications
(Under verified skills shortages)
 6 Years  7 Years 8 Years
 Other Qualifications  4 Years  5 Years

The Australian Post-Study Work Rights Period:

The 485 post-study work visa - It's a fantastic chance to return and work in Australia for an extended period of time! You can study, live, and work in certain selected regional areas of Australia for up to five years with this new post-study work stream visa, which is provided by the Australian government. This is a fantastic upgrade because it allows you to better plan your future because more fields are now open to study and work in, and post-study work visas are valid for longer.

Who is eligible to apply?

This is for you if you're an international student who wants to work in Australia after you graduate for a longer period of time (up to five years). The good news is that as long as your visa is in good standing, you have full rights to study, work, and travel to and from Australia.

You need to be attentive:-

  • Your area of specialization won't matter because there isn't a list of occupations for this post-study employment visa. However, make sure you are learning at the appropriate levels.
  • You must hold a degree from a program that is registered with CRICOS.
  • An evaluation of skills is not necessary to apply for this visa.
  • You must meet the standards for English language proficiency.

Obtaining a post-study work visa may allow you to pursue a rewarding career in Australia. This translates to more exposure, opportunities and employment.

Australia's regional cities are fantastic places to live, work, and study because they combine a world-class education with an excellent quality of life. Even while Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney are already well-liked, other major cities like Perth, Adelaide, the Gold Coast, and Canberra are increasingly drawing more attention from foreign students. This might be creating a sustainable balance and more chances for everyone, as well as encouraging students to take use of education and employment options that are accessible across Australia rather than competing in a small area. The new policy will benefit international students in many ways and there are several economic prospects across the nation.

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Post-Study Work Rights in Australia

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