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Ever Dreamt Of Studying & Living In France?

June 2022

About France:

France is one of Europe's largest countries. The country is considered to be the gateway to Europe as there are several large international airports (two of these can be found in Paris), ferry terminals, and the French rail service. Culturally, France is a country with a long history as well as rich artistic, philosophical, and scientific traditions. France is one of the major centers of culture, cuisine, and literature. All these reasons make it an exciting destination for international students across the world.

Colleges in France

Why Study in France?

The French higher education system is one of the best in the world. It is also one among the most accessible ones. With affordable tuition fees, pursuing education in France is an economical choice for international students. French universities rank at the top of renowned university rankings each year offering education that is at par with other countries.

France is a hub for international business and management education and has a number of highly accredited business schools. Therefore, France is a good choice for those wanting to study business-related subjects.

France has 71 public universities funded by the national government, offering excellent education at a very affordable price irrespective of the nationality of the student. There are also numerous private universities (grandes écoles). The academic year commences from September or October and ends in May or June, subjective to the program and institution.

Visa and Entry Requirements for France

It's important to inform yourself about all the possible visa requirements. Any student wishing to attend a college in France will need to provide proof that they have a Visa to enter the country.

Applicants from outside the EU need to obtain a visa, which includes a residence permit (VLS-TS) which is valid for one year and can be renewed later. A complete application with three photographs must be submitted. It can take up to two months for a Visa application to be approved.


For effective communication and studying in France, one should know French. International students who are fluent in French have a much easier time with their studies and everyday life.

Cost of Studying & Living

Tuition rates at public institutions are set by the government and are identical for domestic and international students. If you wish to study at a private institution, the rates tend to be much higher. There are also certain scholarships and mobility schemes available for those who wish to study abroad in France. Some of the most popular ones include grants from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, funding made by the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), awards from regional councils, and Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus programs.

Students are often entitled to subsidized rates at restaurants and transportation. There are accommodation facilities available for international students. Students have the option to apply for a grant from their local Caisse d'Allocation Familiale (CAF). It is free to apply for, and if you are eligible you can get up to 35% of your rent back monthly. France is one of the best countries for student discounts.

Fast Facts:

  1. Largest country in the EU and sometimes called the hexagon.
  2. World's most popular tourist destination
  3. Louis XIX was the king of France for just 20 minutes, the shortest ever reign
  4. 'Liberte, egalitie, fraternite'or 'liberty, equality, fraternity' is the national motto
  5. The French Army was the first to use camouflage in 1915 (World War I)
  6. The French invented tin cans, the hairdryer, and the hot air balloon
  7. France was the first country in the world to ban supermarkets from throwing away food
  8. France has more Nobel Prize winners in Literature than any other country
  9. The world's first artificial heart transplant and face transplant both took place in France
  10. French gastronomy was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2010
  11. The French rail network is the second largest in Europe and the ninth biggest in the world
  12. France has the largest Art Museum - The Louvre Museum

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Universities in France

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