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Education Prospects at Universities in Australia

January 2022

Overseas education has become the hallmark of education, especially for international students. While there are various international destinations that offer quality education to their students, one such destination is Australia. Located in the most South-Eastern section of the globe, the 'Land Down Under' is known for its top-notch education, attractive employment opportunities, and amazing outdoors.

The endeavor to study abroad is an expensive one but considering other destinations out there, Australia is so much more affordable. The country offers quality education, excellent living conditions, and is a tolerant multicultural society. Here are a few education prospects that students can look forward to as they choose to study in Australia:

Universities in Australia

1. Multicultural Environment

  • As Australia is a popular destination for international students, universities in Australia boast campuses that are multicultural, multi-ethnic, and dynamic.
  • Students get a chance to interact with others from different countries and build an elaborative professional network.
  • These prove to be very useful for future careers. Apart from these, the elaborate facilities like extensive libraries, sports facilities, state-of-art labs, etc. enhance the education imparted to the students.
  • With the country being an interesting backdrop to education, students also get an opportunity to not only showcase their cultures but also become accustomed to new ones.
  • Students can also choose to learn new languages to add another layer to their multifaceted profiles.

2. Value for money

  • Australia is one of the most economical destinations across the globe.
  • Courses in Australia span 2 years but are reasonably priced for international students.
  • Along with economic rates for its courses, Australia houses popular student cities that make the cities accessible to students with low costs of living.
  • Along with tuition costs being low, students are also met with reasonable prices for housing.
  • Living expenses in Australia are relatively low along with additional costs remaining low as well.
  • With the money invested to study in Australia, students get a return on their money quicker thanks to the plethora of job opportunities made available to students.

3. Globally ranked universities

  • Australia's Higher Education Institutions are some of the most well-known and sought-after institutions that rank among the world's best.
  • Universities in Australia have quality education and excellence at the core of their being and aim to offer the best quality of education.
  • These universities also offer engaging programs to ensure that students are prepared to hit the ground running after graduating from their respective courses.
  • The universities in Australia also focus on practical teaching methodologies that lay equal emphasis on theory and practicum.
  • Students get an opportunity to have a diverse approach to education as they are presented with an option to study elective and cross-faculty subjects as well.

4. Internationally recognized degrees

  • With universities in Australia is globally recognized, the courses offered are also globally recognized.
  • This means that graduates of courses in Australia are equipped with a qualification that is not only recognized around the world but also one that is preferred by employers, especially in a country like India.
  • Every course is offered at universities has a CRICOS Code. This code is assigned by the Australian Government as the existing education system is controlled by them.
  • As there is no formal ranking of universities in Australia, international students refer to organizations around the world that undertake this herculean task.

5. Work while you study

  • During their study in Australia, international students with a valid student visa are allowed to work 20 hours part-time during term time and 40 hours full-time during holidays or vacation time.
  • This enables them to work as they study and gain some professional work experience.

6. Post-study Work opportunities

  • After international students complete their courses in Australia, they are allowed to stay back in the country and work.
  • Students that pursue a 2-year course qualify to receive a 2 year Post Study Work Visa.
  • However, students that are studying courses in regional areas, those that are not the popular cities like Sydney, Melbourne, etc., can qualify to receive a 3 year Post Study Work Visa.

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Colleges in Australia

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