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Dreams you can dare to dream

December 2015

Walking into the sylvan surroundings of Loyola school on 21st September 2015 brought back a gush of memories. I was immediately transported into a time machine of the early sixties. It was 1961. A young student of class four, walking up the hillock every afternoon, small satchel on my back, mostly filled with a snack box and water bottle, eagerly waiting for what school had to offer. I was enrolled to the brand new St. Joseph’s School, Pashan, who, for want of a building, shared the premises of the Loyola school, to run the first year of classes. The hillock itself had shady trees on its base, a flat clearing half way up and a bare top. In this clearing, we celebrated our Sports Day, in the best looking sports dress I have ever seen…. coloured skirts, white shirt with the colored logo – canary yellow, emerald green post office red and sky blue.

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That day, standing before two batches of alert and enthusiastic Class 11 students, that feeling of belonging, and their connection with me was evident. The next hour was one of impressions….of well disciplined students, with big ambitions, focused radars, not afraid of hard work. I dream of their futures as having all the ingredients of success. As Senior Manager, Edwise International, I spoke of the possibilities of going abroad to study in Universities across the seas. The possibilities through Edwise led to USA (the land of dreams), United Kingdom and Ireland ( experienced and classy), Canada (The best place in the world to live… according to the UN), Dubai and Singapore ( a choice nearer home), Australia and new Zealand (with stay back options).

Today’s world offers a stunning variety of options in subject choices. Students want to go abroad for better quality, state-of-the-art –facilities in workshops, labs and studios, for a more modern syllabus with breadth and depth, or to combine subjects that are not traditionally offered together. Some even succumb to the strict reservations that Indian Colleges adhere to. The student centric approach of foreign universities makes the syllabus relatively flexible. Networking with students from a variety of countries, offers great international exposure.

The main trend at present seems to be towards specializations. No more do students look for a generic Computer Science. They look for Cloud Computing, Human Interaction, Big Data, Network security and the like. So with Pharmacy students wanting Drug discovery, Drug delivery, Pharmacokinetics or Biotechnology students choosing Marine Biotech, Industrial Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, or combinations with Molecular Biology, Immunology, Pharmacy, Management etc. Growing favourites with job opportunities in the modern world include Art Fashion and Design, Legal studies, Pharmaceutical studies, Healthcare and Biological Sciences. Who said the IT bubble has burst?! IT, Engineering and Finance, Accounting and Management will remain constant attractions. Most courses judge the applicant on academics, English skills and a statement of purpose, so extracurricular activities, entrepreneurial and leadership skills, as well as the command of English always contribute to a strong application. Not all Universities require a GMAT or GRE, SAT or LNAT.

With the help of merit scholarships, and bursaries, the cost gets reduced and Indians today are investing on education to beat the fierce competition in the job market. Plan today on approximately fourteen to twenty lac rupees a year and you should have most destinations and a majority of Universities covered. Banks are keen to offer education loans, and students can work almost everywhere on part time jobs on and off campus.

Well into its silver jubilee year, Edwise International has helped students gain admission into Universities all over the English speaking world. Trained Counselors commit themselves wholeheartedly to counseling, short listing Universities, making and tracking applications, gaining admission for students who seek their help. Over and above, they are trained to assist with visa applications and interview skills. For the less focused, they offer Aptitude tests, English language classes and coaching for admission tests. The Company hosts Education Fairs at more than ten cities, three times a year and even prepares students to take on the journey they are taking to an unfamiliar country. Edwise, a pioneer in the field of global education offers most services absolutely free of cost. As India’s premier Education consultant, they have twenty-four branches scattered all over India. So head towards the closest one today!

Meera Subramanyam
Senior Manager

Edwise International

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