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New to College? Do's & Dont's

November 2017

For many college students, achieving academic success in college is quite different than academic success in high school.

Even the best high school students, often arrives to the college unprepared for the rigors of their college curriculum. They face a much faster pace, multiple deadlines, more assignments and much more reading in the college than in high school. In fact, many studies show that most high school graduates are simply not prepared for college and once in college, many are not prepared to succeed.

To help students with this growing problems, below mentioned are the few tips for Do's and Don'ts for the freshmen in the college.

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  • DO buy a planner and develop the habit of keeping a track of your homeworks, assignments, projects, journals etc. Maintaining a planner can also help you in keeping a track of your progress over the time.

  • DON'T be a fresher who does not attain the classroom lectures. It is frequently found that freshman instead going for their classes often found enjoying the campus life. Never skip your lectures as being the fresher it's the only opportunity to be known.

  • DO find a harmony between your academic and personal development. It's only in the college campus, where one has the golden option to blossom in both the sphere i.e. Personal and Academic. Do get involved in the extra curriculum activities such as the debates, elocutions, sports events and so on.

  • DON'T compare yourself with others. Every human being is different in their own manner. Don't compare your academics with others rather reach out to the professors for help, as few professors do keep the old notes and assignment for reference.

  • DO live healthy. Saying so, living a healthy lifestyle helps one to be more active compared to others. Develop a habit of cooking self that will spare you from all the unhygienic fast food stuff, which are very famous amongst the students. This in return helps you not to be prone to Obesity.

  • DON'T panic. There would be various situations where you are going to feel abundant or lost, trust yourself instead of getting panic. You are in college now, which means you are an Adult. So, ask for help. There will be situations herein you will feel left alone, don't restrict yourself rather take a step ahead and approach, as because, its always advisable to make contacts with the locals to have a peaceful campus life. But, be aware of your surrounding i.e. the positives and the negatives.

What Edwise Students Studying Abroad Say?

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Name-Rajan Kher
University-University of Pittsburgh

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Name-Amit Kedia
University- University of Bedfordshire

"Edwise has been really helpful from the very beginning. From selecting universities and country for studies to visa application and pre-departure events. Although I was anxious and worried about going to right place, everything went smoothly. Thanks a ton to Edwise."

Name-Binal Solanki
University-Centennial College

"Your efforts and expert guidance has fetched me an admit in a top university. Instrumental in selecting universities, in preparation for application, recommendations and essays. It was a wonderful experience. Wishing you all the best for your future."

Name-Nilesh Borana
University-Purdue University

"My experience with Edwise was really fantastic from the beginning i.e. to select the course/university till visa application everything went on smoothly. Really happy with the guidance and support I got from my counselor and Edwise."

Name- Saurabh Manjrekar
Country- Australia
University- Swinburne

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