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Cost Of Studying In Canada For International Students In 2022 (Part II)

April 2022

Canada has progressively emerged as a recognized international learning hub attracting cosmopolitan students, peculiarly in the last few years. Being the land of distinguished universities, and flamboyant student cities with a systematized way of living, Canada has transformed into a country with high demands and a commendable reputation.

Canada is a fairly economical choice for students looking to pursue their higher education abroad. The cost of studying in Canada is manageable in view of the fact that the country offers prolific schemes to fund one's study. The tuition fees contribute the lion's share in the total cost incurred to study in Canada. However, it is an undeniable fact that the tuition fees in Canada is not as exorbitant as that of destinations like UK, USA, Australia.

Costs of Living in Canada

This blog gives you a list of the post-arrival cost of studying in Canada.

Canada University Tuition Fees

 Program  Average Tuition Fees (CAD)  Average Tuition Fees (INR)
 UG  33,623  19,68,200
 PG  20,120  11,77,700

*The figures in the table above are in accordance to 2021-22 Statistics Canada.

Cost of Living in Canada

Apart from the total cost of studying, a candidate needs to budget the cost of living in Canada. This includes one's accommodation, travel, health insurance, and other miscellaneous overheads.

i) Accommodation : One has at disposal a number of housing options to choose from in Canada and an equally assorted price range. You can choose to stay either in the university accommodation or outside it. It is always recommended to plan your stay in accordance with your budget.

a) Living inside the university or college campus: You can choose to ‘live in residence i.e. accommodation on the campus or in nearby areas that are furnished with beds, study desks and shelves. Provided an option you may also go for room sharing to cut down on accommodation costs considerably. Staying inside the university campus helps you save the cost of plying to and from college. The cost of living in Canada tentatively ranges from CAD 3,000-7,500 (Rs. 1,62,000- 4,05,000/-) a year.

b) Living in Private housing: If you prefer to live outside the campus you will have to pay a sum of money right away before taking occupancy which includes 2 months’ rent and a damage deposit as demanded by the landlord. The cost of living in private accommodation in Canada can be near CAD 8,400 (INR 4,54,000/-) per year excluding bills such as internet connection, electricity, cooking utensils, furniture, etc.

ii) Other Expenses: Apart from the tuition fees and accommodation, there are various other expenses involved when studying and living in Canada which highly depends on the candidate's lifestyle and location of stay

 Amenity  Cost per month
 Food  CAD 300 (INR 17,500)
 Phone & Internet  CAD 50 (Rs. 2694)
 Public Transport  CAD 80 - 250 (INR 4300- 14,000)
 Entertainment  CAD 150 (INR 8000)

iii) Health insurance: It is imperative that an international student has a health cover in Canada providing 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week medical assistance. The Canadian health insurance laws vary with respect to different Canadian provinces where a student resides in. A diversified range of health insurance costs can fill anywhere between CAD 600 to CAD 900 (INR 33,000 to 50,000/-) per annum.


1. How can I reduce my expenses to study in Canada?

Acquiring a scholarship is one of the best ways to cut on the cost of studying in Canada. Apart from that one may also opt for a student loan or engage in part-time jobs to support their miscellaneous expenses.

2. What are the general monthly expenses in Canada for students?

The monthly expenses in Canada for Indian students include utilities like rent (400-600 CAD), food (200-300 CAD), stationery (150-200 CAD), transportation costs (100-250 CAD), etc.

3. How much money required to study in Canada for international students?

The total money required to study in Canada ranges from CAD 20,000 - CAD 60,000 per year depending on the course and university of application. Hence, the study in Canada cost in Rupees is 11,70,000 - 35,10,000.

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Study in Canada

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