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Common Mistakes That Get You A Canada Study Permit Refusal

July 2022

With a rise in population and lesser job avenues, a good deal of students are trying to seek admission into international institutions for a secured future.

Canada - the land of the maple leaf is one of the most sought-after study destinations for students who look forward to continuing their further studies internationally. Canada is highly noted for its exceptional pedagogy, accomplished instructors, and improved career openings. Canada is home to more than 180,000 international students in any given year. Increasingly Canada is becoming the country of choice for students from all parts of the world.

With the growing popularity of students moving to Canada, the rules of the visa process have now become quite stringent. Therefore, visa refusal cases are shooting up expeditiously. The Canada visa is rejected on various grounds.

Common Mistakes That Get You A Canada Study Permit Refusal

This blog lists down some common mistakes leading to the rejection of Canadian student visa.

Financial paucity

In order to apply for a Canadian student visa, the visa authorities demand proof of sufficient funds for the first year of the applied course. These evidences provided are necessary to verify that you can support yourself while your stay in Canada. The funds comprise payment of tuition fees, accommodation rent, transport costs, and miscellaneous expenses. In case of an authority doubts that you don't have enough funds for survival in Canada, your visa gets rejected on the grounds of insufficient finances.

Course of application

You should make a choice of a course or program that is in line with your previous academic background. In the event of an authority noticing that your opted course doesn't correspond to your previous academic profile or work experience, then the probability of your visa rejection shoots up. On the occurrence of such an event, candidates are asked to submit a personal statement to address this issue. However, for the program to align with your background, a comprehensive history of education or work experience needs to be submitted in addition to the application.

English level proficiency

English is the most spoken language in Canada. For that reason, a candidate ought to be competent in speaking and comprehending the English language to study in Canada. If not, a language barrier would crop up, thus creating a lot of issues for you to survive in Canada. Canadian institutions accept and admit only students who qualify IELTS, PTE or TOEFL with the minimum marks as put forth by any university. Failing to crack these English language proficiency tests with the required minimum score can lead to a visa refusal.

Intention to fly back to the parent country

A Canadian study permit is not a permanent visa. The study visa has validity for a stipulated time period. It is necessary to convince the visa officer that you will return back to your country post completion of your studies. Furthermore, the Canada study permit application must be drafted in a way that it convinces the authorities that your intention is only to complete your studies and not to live in Canada permanently. Once the authorities sense that you are going to settle in Canada, the chances of visa refusal increase.

Insufficient documents

It is necessary to ensure carrying all the requisite documents for a study visa during the interview. Failing to carry prime documents can surely lead to refusal. Make an effort to carry your documents sequentially in an appropriate manner, so that the interviewer is at ease. To boot, the explanation and information in the documents must be true and written properly. Poor documentation and any kind of vague information provided may lead to visa refusal.

Biometric rejections

Candidates with wrongly or incorrectly scanned biometrics. Failing to upload any kind of biometric requirement gets rejections in most cases. That being the case, it is pertinent to upload the correct biometrics that are scanned in a proper way and in a timely manner to avoid rejection in your visa process.

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