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Career prospects with Business studies in the UK

June 2021

Courses in UK, open a window of opportunities for aspiring students. Universities in UK offer a plethora of courses that students can choose from. One of the most prominent is Business courses. If you too seek to ameliorate your future prospects by studying a Business course in UK, we at Edwise, as leading overseas education consultants, have the perfect webinar lined up for you.

Webinar Details

 30th  June'21   Wednesday  On campus   Career prospects with Business studies in the UK  3 - 4 pm   Dr Krishanthi Vithana PhD, MBA, FHEA, BSc(Hons) Lecturer in Accounting Undergraduate Admissions Tutor Southampton Business School Faculty of Social Sciences University of Southampton

Why study in UK?

Universities in UK are revered across the world owing to their ingenious learning methodology. This can be attributed to the faculty who are stalwarts in their field of study. It comes as no surprise that one in every four world leaders has attained their education in UK. A wide avenue of niche specializations is offered at universities, ensuring that every student can find what they are looking for. If you are seeking academic excellence, study in UK is your best bet, since the quality is ensured by regulatory authorities. Through the New Graduate Route 2021, international students from 1st July'21 onwards can apply for a stay-back in the UK for 2 years. PhD students, on the other hand, receive a three-year stay back. Since courses in UK are for a shorter duration, you become career-ready sooner. This coupled with a multicultural environment, allows you to interact with international minds. Leading research avenues and support facilities ensures that you have a holistic learning experience in the UK.

Why study Business in UK?

If you aspire to make your mark in the field of business, UK is the apt destination to do so. Some of the best business universities in UK are internationally recognized. These courses in UK are the best investment that you can make for your future and avenues for undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs. Home to one of the world's top financial city, London, it is a hub to kickstart your business career. International students flock to the UK to attain a business degree, which opens them up to a variety of career avenues, encompassing a range of multinational and NGO career prospects. Home to over 100 specialist business schools, the faculty equips students to thrive in a competitive market.

Career Prospects with a Business Degree from UK

If you are looking to make a place in a large organization or seeking to your enterprise, a business degree from the UK will pave the way for you. Because courses in UK are shorter in duration, you can enter the job market sooner and get one step ahead of your competition. Courses are tailor-made and thus, address your future goals exclusively. Because universities in UK tend to have strong relationships with businesses, both national and international, students can get one foot into the door. From forging connections to attaining insights, you're learning ensures that you have access to a range of professional avenues across the globe.

Take the first step towards making your mark in the business realm and study in UK. Attend our webinar, to gain further insights.

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