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Biggest Festival and Celebration in Australia for International Students

February 2022

Australia is famous for its rich and diverse wildlife and landscapes. It boasts vibrant cultural and traditional scenes. It boasts vibrant cultural and traditional scenes. Australia is one of the world's most enjoyable countries. International students will find plenty of places to hang out and events to attend, but most importantly, there will be plenty of festivals to attend during their time studying in Australia.

Australia offers wonderful food, good music, and an unforgettable experience, in addition to well-known universities and a diverse range of courses. It provides endless pleasure and intriguing festivals all around the region.

Biggest festival and celebration in Australia for international students

Here are some of Australia's most important festivals and celebrations for overseas students that you should not miss.

Australia Day

Australia Day is celebrated on 26th January. It is a national holiday. It is celebrated in every corner of Australia. Outdoor concerts, BBQ, sports competitions and fireworks are being held across Australia. These events are presented by the National Australia Day Council. In Sydney, boat races like ferry races and tall ship races are held and in Adelaide, they call it "Australia Day in the City" that holds parades, concerts and firework displays.

Adelaide Festival

It is one of the most significant international festivals of arts that is held in March. This festival takes place in Adelaide in southern Australia. It is considered one of the leading cultural festivals. Various renowned town artists from fields such as theatre, dance, opera, visual arts as well as new media. This festival lasts for two weeks and attracts tourists from the state as well as from abroad. In recent years, this festival has got very famous. It also subsumed other city cultural festivals like WOMADelaide and Adalaide's Writer's Week.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

This festival features stand-up comics that range from hilarious to beautiful stage art. This festival runs for 4 weeks in Melbourne from March to April, every year. It is organized for the local musician and it features talent shows, performances, discussions, improvisational theatre, musical events and art expositions. Town Hall is the place in Melbourne where this festival takes place. To enjoy the festival in the fullest way pick any random shows that are marked on the dusty big blackboard outside. If you want to attend the big shows then you have to book for it in advance. The mainstream of the festival is stand-up comedy and cabaret. The most important agenda of the event is the establishment of popular comics in the world.

New Year Eve

Just like other parts of the world, Australia celebrates New Year Eve on a large scale. Many major cities of Australia hosts parade, music and entertainment. Celebrities are also being invited as a guest of honour or for being a host for a large New Year's Eve event. Australia's New Year is famous for balls. It has various themes like glamour, black-tie and formal wear, tropical, gangster and masquerades. People with best-dressed outfits are awarded at this event. Many people celebrate New Year's Eve on urban parklands, beaches or boat cruises. Others hold parties or arrange barbecues at their places. It is not a public holiday in Australia but schools and colleges are closed on this day as it is in the school holiday period. Sydney's New Year's Eve is globally known for its firework.

Byron Bay Bluesfest

Byron Bay Bluesfest is the annual Australian Music festival. It is held on a long weekend of Easter in the Byron Bay area since 1990. It is the East Coast International Blues and Roots Music Festival. The festival features a large number of blues and roots performers from Australia as well as around the world. It is one world's famous contemporary music festivals.

Woordford Folk Festival

This festival is celebrated annually for over 6 days and 6 nights. It is one of the best festivals in Australia. It features a diverse variety of people like musicians, artists, presenters from local, national and international. They put on over 438 acts to an audience. This festival showcase one of the most popular Australian traditions. This day is counted as a cultural holiday in Australia.

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