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All About Part-Time Jobs In New Zealand

June 2022

New Zealand is becoming apparent as one of the pre-eminent priorities among Indian students looking forward to studying abroad. The island country offers an excellent education system with plentiful research opportunities, an economic fee structure, an excellent support system and a better cost of living that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. All eight universities in New Zealand are ranked high in QS World ranking and Times Higher Education ranking providing the best opportunity for students to build their careers. While studying in New Zealand, students can rest assured of a welcoming and friendly environment.

Studying in New Zealand undoubtedly adds a feather to your cap. However, managing your personal expenses along with your tuition fees can seem to be burdensome. To cope up with this, it is recommended to study and work in New Zealand to ease out your finances.

Part-Time Jobs In New Zealand

Why take up part-time jobs in New Zealand?

For maintaining a good lifestyle as an international student without pinching your pockets, there are a plethora of jobs available for international students studying in New Zealand. Working part-time allows students to earn while they learn. Apart from earning an income, these side jobs also help students to meet new people and network in New Zealand. By working part-time, students also have an opportunity to amp up their resume, so it's a win-win move to look for a job and get employed.

What kind of part-time jobs should international students take in New Zealand?

Some of the most popular part-time jobs for international students are as follows:

1. Call center worker: Working at a call center is a good alternative to consider for an international student as a part-time job. Proficiency in speaking English is the only required skill for this job.

2. Kitchenhand: As a kitchenhand, an international student's job is to wash dishes or participate in the preparation of food items.

3. Retail sales assistant: The job of a Retail sales assistant is to work at stores and assist customers in choosing products. Additionally, one may have to receive payments, deal with stock and cleaning.

4. Seasonal worker: A seasonal worker is a popular job role taken up by many international students. One is required to harvest and prepare fruits and vegetables for sale as a seasonal worker at an orchard or vineyard during summers.

5. Supermarket assistant: As a supermarket assistant, an international student is required to take up stack shelves or work at the checkout counter.

How much do part-time jobs pay in New Zealand?

International students working part-time in New Zealand are paid a minimum wage of NZD 20.00 per hour. However, you may also end up earning more than NZD 20 depending on the type of job you take up. An extra payment is made if you work on public holidays and other breaks.

How to find a part-time job in New Zealand?

The part-time jobs for international students in New Zealand are posted on vivid platforms like University support service pages, student job search portals, online platforms etc.

Student support services: To get to know the details of part-time work in New Zealand, every university in the country has established a Student Support Service. Students studying at an NZ university can rest assured of finding a part-time job through these services.

Student Job Search: It is a national organization helping students to find the right part-time job matching their skills and potential.

Job-vacancy websites: An international student can also browse for NZ part-time jobs for students on various NZ websites and apply directly through these sites.

Rules for working part-time as an international student in New Zealand:

Working in New Zealand on a student visa indicates that one is expected to follow certain rules by the government:

  1. Have a student visa that allows you to work
  2. Allowance to work up to 20 hours part-time during study term and full time during semester breaks.
  3. Masters or PhD students do not have a limit on their working hours.
  4. Only allowed to work as an employee on a student visa
  5. Paying taxes is a must if you're working in New Zealand.

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Jobs In New Zealand

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