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March 2014

Study Abroad Programs

US Universities have the world's most flexible education system; students can study their area of interest as specialization. As education in the USA is not centralized each institute can determine its program and admission standards. Lateral movement in the US education system is possible any time.

Most Universities America require 16 years of education for admission into an MBA in USA or any other Graduate program. It is therefore advisable to complete M.Com / M.A/ M.Sc. or at least one year of any Masters Degree before taking admission in USA. Some top ranked Universities can take you with 15 yrs. of education with 2-3 years of relevant work experience. Edwise however has a list of those institutions that would enroll students after 15 years of education directly.

In order to improve your chances of admission, you should also apply to other US Universities that offer good programs. Also the entry requirements are extremely stringent for such institutions. One must always remember that Ranking can be worldwide, region based and even subject based. If one is looking for a ranked university, search should be subject based.

"The starting point of my higher education was Edwise. With their help and guidance I was able to clear my VISA processes without any problems. Though the admission procedure was stressful, Edwise did everything in their power to make it less strenuous. All together my experience with Edwise was a pleasant one." Says Abhiram Gandhari from University of North Carolina Charlotte.

Scholarships and financial aid-fee waivers are awarded to international students on the criteria of merit and need of it. Candidate with strong academics, good performance on standardized exams and extracurricular achievements would be eligible for scholarship, awards and financial assistance.

Getting admission is not all; the Visa comes as the greatest test in USA. All the efforts come to a dead end if you do not present your case effectively and boldly at Visas. We provide comprehensive VISA guidance, which includes verifying the financial statement, latest updates on USA Visa requirements, mock interviews, etc which are all important.

Edwise ensures that the best institution match for you is achieved in view of your qualifications and career plans. To know more about US Universities, courses, admissions and visas, visit your nearest Edwise branch.

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