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6 Tips To Secure A Job After Studying Abroad

January 2019

The first thing that one plans on doing after completing education is looking out for jobs in well reputed companies. With cut throat competitions in every field, securing a job today has become a mammoth task. Nevertheless, with the right amount of experience and planning, one can land himself/herself in a desirable job that ensures a bright career/future.

Studying Abroad

Following are the ways one can adopt to gain a job:

1. Internships:

They are one of the most important aspects to look at while chalking out a bright future plan for yourself. An internship is when a student works for an organization for a short period of time in order to gain experience. Internships are an effective way of improving, developing and honing one’s skills. They provide students with hands-on industry experience. An internship is all about learning. It provides one with the required industry knowledge. Internships are the building blocks to your career. The more number of internships you do, the more experience you gain. Undertaking internships add weightage to your CV which in turns helps you to secure a job. These days recruiters lookout for those who hold maximum experience. Hence taking up internships during the course of your study is very important for your professional growth.

2. Upgrade your Skills:

The world is progressing at a rapid pace. New developments are taking place every day giving birth to new job roles demanding new skills. Due to this, it becomes necessary and mandatory to upgrade your skills. Thus one must enroll for additional courses that supplement the major area of study in order to gain the extra and required skills and knowledge. Keeping yourself abreast with the trending as well as upcoming skills thus becomes necessary.

3. Good Grades:

While you take up internships as well as other classes, do not forget that your main motive of leaving your home country and travelling to a foreign land is to pursue higher education and gain good grades. Thus your focus should be on studying and achieving good grades first. Your grades play a vital role in getting you a job. They help the employers to understand how you are with your academics, based on which they assume how your performance will be if appointed into the firm. It is your grades that decide your cognitive ability. Hence pay great attention to your grades in order to secure a job.


One of the major benefits of studying abroad is that you get a chance to interact with different people coming from different backgrounds. Build a circle of people around you who are equally or more driven and focused than you are. The kind of circle you build or get into, largely impacts your personal growth as well as your future. Additionally, take part in various events and competitions you come across. You may never know when you come into the limelight and attract attention. This increases your prospects of securing a job. Talk and interact with all. Approach them and try to create a lasting impression. Getting to know people will raise your chances of getting placed in a good reputed firm.

5. Strong CV:

A CV holds immense significance. It speaks for you. So make sure it speaks high of you. What this means is that your CV should show that you are an able person with relevant experience. Your CV should mention your educational qualifications, marks obtained, projects undertaken, internships done and jobs carried out under the same, extra-curricular activities, your hobbies and what you expect to learn and achieve from your next job. Make sure your CV is heavy with internships and projects done.


Prior to sitting before the recruiters for your interview, make sure you do proper research. Research about the kind of job you are looking for, vacancies available in the companies, different companies you wish to work in, etc. Once you short list a company make sure to study about the company. You must know the important details of a company you are planning to apply and work for. A strong research helps you to answer smoothly the questions asked by the recruiter. This speaks well for you as it tells the recruiter that you are a well-informed individual who considers working with their firm a serious decision. This thus works greatly for you and shows you in a positive light.

Studying Abroad

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