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Importance of Active Participation in Class

February 2019

As an international student, trying to adapt to new surroundings, new teaching and studying methods, new class environment, new people, etc. can become quiet daunting. Nevertheless, until and unless you don’t mix around and interact with people, you won’t be able to adapt. Most of the interaction and bonding takes place in the college, during classes and in the campus. Make sure to make the most of it.

Class participation, thus is an important aspect of adapting to the new lifestyle. When students speak up in class, they learn to express their ideas in a way that others can understand. When they ask questions, they learn how to obtain information to enhance their own understanding of a topic.

Just as speaking in front of a group doesn't come easily to many adults; similarly, speaking up in class is a struggle for many students. That struggle might manifest itself in the classroom in a variety of ways -- not volunteering to answer questions, not asking for help, not speaking up in small-group activities, even not talking in class at all.

However, taking active part in the class is of utmost importance. Major reasons to support the mentioned statement are as follows

Studying Abroad

1.To Develop Confidence In Self:

Confidence is the most important accessory one should wear. This is why one should participate in the class. It helps develop confidence in self. Most of the students have the fear of speaking in a group or before people. This fear goes ignored and they never really overcome it. Having the quality of being able to speak confidently before a group of people, holds immense importance when you enter the real world. For this, students push themselves and learn to speak up in class as this is the right place and time to overcome your fear. When you start actively participating, you develop a sense of confidence that guarantees you a comfort of speaking before people in the near future.

2.Increase Attention Span:

Sitting through long lectures can get monotonous. Listening to one person talk for hours can lead to one losing interest. It so happens that the students paying attention in the class. This is the reason why students must participate and interact with the professor as well as the classmates in order to keep the environment of the class active. When students raise doubts, discuss and interact, the lecture doesn’t get monotonous and help students in focusing more thereby increasing the attention span.

3.To Keep One Engaged:

Even if a question gets raised in the class, it piques everyone’s interest. This helps the students to stay engaged. It propels students to think about the question asked, its possible answers, connect dots, etc. This leads to the development of thinking and analytical skills of students. Thus participating in class not only keeps you engaged but also the rest of the classmates.

4.To Be Able To Openly Put Forth Opinions:

When you participate in the class and start paying attention, by default you start thinking and analysing about what is being told to you and taught. You start putting your own thoughts into what is being taught. When you feel that your thoughts differ from that of the professor or fellow mates, you feel the need to express your opinions. In this contemporary world, having an opinion of your own is absolutely necessary to be able to survive in a competitive industry and not be gullible. Taking active part in the class prepares you to openly and fearlessly express your opinions.

5.Wide Exchange Of Ideas:

Raising questions and sharing thoughts with each other generates various ideas. Listening to and sharing your own thoughts with classmates helps in understanding how various individuals think. It also enables exchanging of interesting facts, information and knowledge that can help in the future.

Studying Abroad

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