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Quick Help To Write An SOP

December 2018

SOP stands for Statement of Purpose. If you are planning to study abroad, it is compulsory for you to write a statement of purpose. This essay is majorly written to the admission committee stating why you wish to study a particular program and that too from their university only. Through an SOP you get a chance to convince the admission committee to grant you admission. This essay is required by the committee to understand you as a person and why you wish to study with them. It is needed to be written as conducting an interview is not possible due to distance barriers.

An SOP has the power to make or break your admission process. Writing an SOP though, is not a difficult task. To make writing an SOP easy, we bring to you the basic guidelines that will help you draft an impeccable SOP.

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Major points to be covered in an SOP:

  • A little about yourself, educational background, your work experience and what you learnt, extra-curricular activities, etc.

  • Which program are you applying for and why

  • Name of the country and university you wish to study in and why.

  • how well will you exploit the opportunity if granted admission?

Points to be remembered while writing an SOP:

You are the hero: Remember that this is the only chance for the admission officer to know who you really are as person. This essay is all about you. You are the protagonist. Therefore narrate your story in the best way possible. Make sure you succeed in creating a good impression about yourself. This does not mean that you boast about being a fabulous or an extraordinary person. State who you really are (e.g. genuine, hardworking, intelligent, driven, focused, etc.).

Be honest: This is of utmost importance. State facts. Do not fake things just to create a good impression. It is okay if you haven’t done anything great. Simplicity can also work greatly in your favor.

Add a personal touch: Allow your SOP to talk directly to the admission officer. You can describe few events of your life that connect to your dreams or the field you have chosen to apply for. If it involves talking about some failure of yours, go ahead and talk about it. Adding a personal touch to your SOP will help the admission officer understand you closely.

Demonstrate Passion and Determination: Your SOP must demonstrate a strong passion for the program you have decided to apply for. There should be no room for confusion and uncertainty. Your SOP must clearly show that you are absolutely confident about your future and are passionate about pursuing the same.

Highlight Your Strengths and Achievements: Talk about your achievements and qualities openly. Don’t shy away. Just be careful about the tone.

Parts/Components of an SOP:


This is the first thing that the admission officer is going to read. So make sure you start off well. Your introduction should hook up the interest of the officer. It should be unique and create curiosity. Your introduction sets the tone of the essay.


This is the major part of your SOP and should give all the important details. Mention which school and college you went to, which all subjects did you study, projects undertaken (preferably final year project), extra-curriculars you were a part of and the achievements accomplished. You can also talk about the challenges and failures faced and how you overcame them. The body must speak strongly about the work experiences and the qualities developed through them.


The main focus of your conclusion is to mention the program you wish to study and why. Give reasons as to how you developed interest for the same. Then state concrete reasons as to why you wish to pursue the chosen program from ‘A’ particular country and university. Make sure you state proper reasons as the officer is always very keen to know this. Also, state why you think you will be a perfect fit for the university and why the university should grant you admission. Then, also state what and how you will contribute towards the university.

Things to avoid mentioning in the SOP:

  • Avoid using quotes as the admission officer does not want to know someone else’s thoughts but your own.

  • Avoid using clichés like “Even the word impossible has I am possible in it” as they take away the uniqueness of the essay.

  • Do not write anything negative about your country. It does not put you in a good light. Also, do not write too much negative or controversial about any other thing or person.

  • Do not be generic. Be specific and don’t sound lame or lethargic.

  • Don’t not lose focus. Most of the time it so happens that the students stray away from the main purpose and mention things which are not even remotely connected to the subject.

  • Remember that an SOP should always be written in an essay format. Do not divide it by giving pointers.
    Avoid plagiarism. Do not copy someone else’s SOP. This has serious consequences

Important tips to be kept in mind:

  • While writing your SOP, use active voice and not passive voice.

  • Ensure the SOP is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.

  • Start writing your SOP a month prior to submitting. Make sure you proofread it and also have it checked by others.

  • Maintain a word limit. A general SOP should not exceed 1,000 words. The size of the font should be 12. Your SOP should not be of more than 2 pages.

Study in Abroad

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