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Study Abroad Amid COVID-19: To Go or Not to Go

Despite the lockdown and the current travel ban, students are continuing to work towards their study abroad dreams. Few of the most popular study destinations such as the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand are all affected due to the virus.

Although there exists an air of uncertainty around the same, universities abroad as well as the government are ensuring that the needs of international students are catered to and protected. It is imperative that students don't lose focus of their goals and remember the advantages an education abroad possess. Adequate avenues are being made for international students to ensure that students can continue pursuing their education. Therefore, on the said line's universities have commenced the current intake through online classes. What is noteworthy, is that they have gone a step further to ensure that the post-study work rights of students are protected. Therefore, on similar lines, they have reassured students that online classes will not have a detrimental effect on their visa status.


Here are some tips if you're looking to study abroad currently:

Be aware

The most important things for students to remember is the fact that they need to be aware. Be in constant touch with the university to receive up-to date information. Students are required to appear for certain admissions tests, this is the best time to prepare for the same. There are several services made available online that provide mock sessions for these tests. This ensures that you can prepare for these tests at the comfort of your home.


A big concept advocated by all individuals is the fact that they are urging students to continue making applications. Don't leave things till the eleventh hour, make your applications right now, so that when the time comes you are prepared. Universities abroad have given several extensions in their deadline and making several waivers to ensure that students aren't under pressure during these tiring times.

Through these tiring times, there are certain countries which have emerged victorious and several students are considering these destinations for their program:

New Zealand

One of the first countries to declare itself as coronavirus free was New Zealand, the efforts undertaken by the concerned officials there not only ensured that the curve was flattened, but also ensured that while the pandemic was ongoing the needs of the international students were catered too. Those international students who were in New Zealand and were undertaking part time jobs in the health care sector or in supermarkets were allowed to work full-time during the duration of their course. Moreover, international students could extend their visas till the 25th of September, provided that they were on the verge of expiring. Every one now anxiously looks at New Zealand to understand the further steps taken by them.


Despite the competitive entry requirements, Germany has been a popular study destination in the Europe for international students. Renowned for their engineering and other technical related programs, a large number of international student's flock to the said country. The way the German government has dealt with the pandemic whilst at the same time juggling to ensure that the education provided is not hampered, is a noteworthy fact of the country.


Nearly, every student imagines themselves studying in the UK, especially with the newly bought in post study work visa, the students are now permitted to stay back in the UK for 2 years as opposed to the earlier 4-6 months. Although, the United Kingdom is one of the most affected countries, the universities have ensured that the needs of local as well as international students are catered to. Universities are themselves conducting the requisites English proficiency tests through the online medium to ensure that education prospects are not halted. Moreover, application deadlines have also been extended with provisions of waiving off certain documents are also proposed. Universities that have campuses at other study destinations are allowing students to commence their courses from the said destination and are reassuring students that they can complete the remainder of their courses in the UK, once the lockdown is lifted. Furthermore, online classes are heavily advocated to ensure that students continue with their study prospects.

The steps undertaken by institutions all over the globe are noteworthy, never in the history has the industry has seen an issue of this magnitude. However, the concerned parties have risen to the occasion and taken immense strides forward.


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