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You'll do your MBA once, Make It Count!

April 2014

A degree in masters in business administration (MBA) has become one of the most treaded paths for students as well as working professionals as it provides ideal platform for a career boost. Despite the economic slowdown, an MBA continues to remain a coveted degree among aspirants.

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Ideally, two primary reasons why one would pursue an MBA are career change and career augmentation. However, there are mainly three types of program available to choose from: Full time MBA, Part time MBA and Online MBA. And often a valid question is posed by aspirants, "Which MBA program is suitable out of the three?"

The answer to this question can be from different perspectives. Let's take a closer look: each one of the program types puts different weights on the amount of each part of the MBA. So your decision should be based on the reason you chose an MBA.

A full time MBA program will probably give you equal parts education and networking. A part time MBA program will give you more education than networking. An online mba program will give you even more education than networking than the part time MBA program.

Ultimately it comes down to whom you know and how well you perform when the opportunity is presented to you. Ideally, it is always preferable to opt for a full time MBA program, unless and until you are a working professional.

On the other hand, a part time MBA from a university abroad could be a better choice as you will have a globally recognized degree but provided you have a sound financial backing. Though some education destinations abroad such as Malaysia, Mba in New Zealand, among others are not that expensive but the degree is globally recognized.

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