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Online Learning at Universities in Canada

September 2020

In this time of uncertainty, it is important to remember that as a prospective international student it becomes vital that you continue your learning. While that may not be in person right now, but when things to eventually fall into place, you will have ensured yourself that you have already kickstarted your process if you start learning online now. Universities in Canada are offering students just this opportunity to commence their education prospects online and be ready when the opportunity comes knocking at their doors.

University Support

Universities as well as colleges in Canada are offering support to students who have commenced their online classes remotely. Faculty at these institutions are offering all possible means of support to ensure that immaculate online learning resources are provided to students so that there is no hindrance in their education plans. Remote education allows students to practice their area of study and not have a gap in their CV.

Student Reviews

A significant number of students have commenced their classes online and have nothing short of praises to say about online classes. The flexible nature of the study in Canada along with the freedom to tap into other opportunities not only helps student outshine their profile, but also work part-time in their home country itself. Students are also pleased that they are able to save a major cost component since they will not be required to bear the expenses of living expenses, travel, insurance and much more for the time being.

Online Classes

The September 2020 intake for study in Canada is currently being undertaken online with universities offering online lectures at convenient time-zones. Students are benefitted since they can attain access to these lectures later on as well since these lectures can now be documented. Therefore, if students are ever in the need to access the same later, they can do so and are able to revise the lectures too. Online classes are extremely interactive in nature with immense discussions being undertaken to ensure that students are not left out from any experience. Furthermore, the training provided at these lectures makes students ready for when they enter the job market. Faculty at certain universities in Canada also email the student's notes and clarifications on any topics are also provided to them. Students are major beneficiaries of online classes because this leaves them with ample time in hand to explore India and the opportunities the country has to offer. Not only are online classes safer taking the current situation into the picture but even the post-study work rights of students remain intact. Universities in Canada are allowing students to complete 50% of their classes remotely and are still offering them their post-study work rights. Those students who are making applications for their student visas are also receiving their stage one approval.


As mentioned before although your study in Canada may currently be online there are ample professors and peers across all the corners of the world who ensure that the experience stays intact. Online classes are highly recommended by all the players since it helps save costs, is interactive, enables students to revise the lecture and also tests one's knowledge.

Hybrid Classes

Even when students are allowed to travel to Canada, they can be expected to be met with hybrid classes which are an amalgamation of online as well as offline classes.


It is highly recommended that students start making their application for January 2021, with many students receiving their visa approval for stage 1 the future looks bright. Students can currently start a certain proportion of their class online and fly to Canada when the situation permits them to do so. Universities are offering online lectures for major courses and taking into account the flexibility students looking to study in Canada for the next intake should start turning their applications in. Every university and college in Canada have their own procedure with some following a fixed schedule while others allowing students to study flexibly at their own convivence provided adherence to certain rules. Some institutions are allowing students to experiment with online classes upfront and see how they feel about the same.

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