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Study in Australia Amid the Pandemic

September 2020

Due to the current situation, the scenario to study abroad is in a frenzy and Australia, a popular study destination is a victim to the same. Through the years, the number of international students who have decided to study in Australia has only risen and this can be attributed to the confidence students have in the education system there.

Stance taken by the government

The Australian government has come to the aid of international students to ensure that their needs are catered to. It is expected that student visas for Australia will be granted soon. With the said recommencement in visas, when in the future the borders open, students with visas will be eligible to make travel arrangements. Moreover, those students enrolled in universities in Australia but are currently abroad will be permitted to continue their education online. These well thought out initiatives are expected to give a push to international education in Australia. Furthermore, students are provided with additional time in order for them to furnish English-language proficiency test scores if the pandemic caused a hindrance in their access to these services. Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, Alan Tudge said, "We are a welcoming nation with a world-class education system and some of the lowest rates of COVID-19 in the world. Students want to study here and we want to welcome them back in a safe and measured way when it is safe to do so". The government also announced that international students will be allowed to lodge a further student visa application free of charge if they are unable to complete their education within their original visa validity due to COVID-19.

Online Education

Australian universities are giving a push to online education since it fulfils the need that the traditional means of education possessed. While many crave the face to face interaction, online classes are curated in such a manner that they provide impetus to interaction. Thus, even through remote mediums, the student continues to attain international exposure and enhance their acumen. These interactions in online classes ensure that students are able to seep in the culture that is offered. Students are eager to return to campuses and start their classes in person soon. However, owing to the said restrictions in place, it is best for all the parties involved to commence their education prospects online for the time being. The need of the hour remains the health of the students and online classes ensure that this is prioritized. However, at the same time, it also ensures that the education prospects of students continue. A major challenge that students face when they decide to study overseas is the task to interact with strangers. However, with those students undertaking online classes that will no longer be an issue. Since they are commencing their education prospects from the comfort of their homes, they can ease into the process of making connections. Thus, when the opportunity strikes, they will be ready. Even before the pandemic struck online education had made a strong footing, the only change we see currently is its increase in importance.

Work Opportunities

Those students studying outside Australian borders owing to the pandemic can use that duration since it will be counted towards the requirements for post-study work visas. Moreover, Australian graduates outside Australian borders can still apply for post-study rights in case they are not able to travel to the country owing to the current predicaments. With the economy in a disarray currently, students can expect for it to kickstart in the near future and thus should be ready when the opportunity comes knocking at their doors.

Students in Australia

Study in Australia while it holds many benefits for the students also benefits the country. With a major proportion of their revenue coming from international students, it is likely that any future decisions undertaken by them will be taken, keeping in mind the mutual benefits in place. In the near future, when students are allowed to enter campuses it is likely that they will be met with a change in the education system. With students expected to adhere to social distancing norms, and an amalgamation of hybrid classes, students will see a new normal.

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