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Is this the right time to study abroad?

October 2020

In midst of the pandemic, universities internationally as well those within the geographical boundaries of the country have shifted to the online medium of education. Classes are now attended by these students from home and they are able to continue down the road of education through the means of virtual assistance.

A sizeable portion of students in India embark on the journey to attain higher education abroad. Those, considering universities abroad in 2020 were met with a roadblock and were naturally left flabbergasted unable to fathom the next course of action. With the current Fall intake already being commenced online, students planning their studies in the future are sceptical to what it means for their future.

Student Must Remember

A prominent concept that students must bear in mind is the fact that only the medium of education has altered. Apart from this, the quality of education, content, interaction and faculty remain unaltered. A major concern in the minds of students is that online education will not provide them with the experience of being in a foreign country. Universities abroad have ensured to inculcate various interactive sessions in their program to ensure that students are able to have as close an experience that they would otherwise have had if they were attending these classes in person. Another concept that must be brought to light, is even before the pandemic struck, a sizeable proportion of classes were already being undertaken online. The only component that has changed is its size. Time and tide wait for no man. Through the years, society has witnessed alterations on unprecedented scales and humanity has adapted to the same. With the rapid advancements being made in the field of technology it was on the horizon that technology would soon take over the peripheral of education. While the push factor for the said factor may be different, it was invariable that the phenomena would occur. While it might be tedious to initially get used to online classes, but those who have already embarked upon this journey only have great things to say about the same.

International Exposure

As mentioned earlier the prominent worry on most minds is the feeling of being robbed of international exposure. However, once the situation normalizes students would be able to dive into attaining the experience. By undertaking the decision to start online classes now, students ensure that they aren't sitting ideal. Thus, an online education provides the best of both world's which is knowledge as well as involvement.

Job Prospects

With the economy currently in turmoil, students are sceptical in regard to their job prospects. This is where online classes come into play again. With online classes, students will be studying from their home country. Moreover, with greater time at hand, they also have the opportunity to engage in internships or part-time jobs as well. This will only help take their profile up the notch. In the numerous challenges that have been faced by humanity, one constant factor has been the pull towards education. Thus, this is the perfect time for one to enhance their skills and be ready when the opportunity comes knocking at their doors.

Save Costs

By attending online classes, students are also able to save a major cost component. Since, they will not be required to bear the expenses of travel, accommodation, food and much more.

Getting Visas

The next cause of concern in the minds of students is that in the scenario of them being able to secure admission, will they be able to attain a student visa? Certain study abroad destinations such as Canada have made statements to the same effect and have gone ahead to reassure students about their post-study work rights. Like this, many destinations are also making sure that students are well aware of the situation that persists.

As study abroad consultants, we highly encourage our students to use this time to get ahead of the competition. Don't waste your time by being ideal at home, be proactive and use this opportunity to commence your study.

As India's Leading Overseas Education Consultants, Edwise is at the assistance of our students to ensure that they have a reliable hand during these tiring times. You can now get in touch with us virtually through our Live Free Virtual Counselling.


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