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Study Abroad Guide

Challenges and Opportunities for an Education Abroad

Once the COVID-19 scenario settles down, everyone will be met with a new normal. This includes a greater inclination towards staying at home and ensuring one's health and safety. Currently, all students are extremely anxious as to how their future will unfold. Surrounded by an air of uncertainty, they wish to gain clarity on how things will develop in the future.

Through the years, an increasing number of students decide to study abroad in prominent destinations such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and many more. The reasons can be attributed to quality of education, economical course structure, global exposure, enhanced job opportunities and much more. All the said countries have faced the brunt of the pandemic and are clawing their way out.

Students should not lose focus of the many benefits an education abroad provides. Though, the situation has changed, the benefits that are presented still remains intact.

While times may be changing, it is important to remember the experience one can get by attending a semester abroad.


Students Looking to study abroad in 2020

The current academic year is going to be challenging no doubt, with the lockdown still intact in several countries with minimal respite for a probable reclusion in restrictions, things are unpredicted in the current scenario. Universities abroad are heavily advocating the opening of institutions, however, given the delicate nature of the matter, the respective governments are extremely sceptical when it comes to easing the restrictions. With the visa centres being closed in majority of the cities, students are left blindsided when considering that if they do manage to attain an acceptance, how will they receive a visa. While visa interviews can be scheduled online, the ball remains in the government's court to decide when to allow international students to attend classes on campus. Students can also expect hybrid classes wherein, they will be met with an amalgamation of both online as well as offline classes. Moreover, universities are also providing students with the opportunity to study abroad by delaying the academic year, waiving off certain requirements. Not just this, but students are also given the chance to defer their application.

Students Looking to study abroad in 2021

The situation is expected to come under control till then and the normal process of the admission process is likely to resume. The traditional lists of documents required for the application process such as transcripts, SOP's, LOR's, marksheets, admission test score cards will continue to hold prominence. If we look to examine the situation of the admission tests, test centres will be required to undertake extra-precautions to ensure that they meet the required health and safety standards. Not just this, some people are also of the opinion that some universities may waive off certain admission test requirements. What experts in the overseas education field are also expecting, is a significant dwindle in the number of international students who wish to study abroad. This can be attributed to a range of ancillary factors such as financial constraints that the family may face or the reluctant nature of sending students abroad fearing their health and safety. A consequence of this fact may lead to universities widening their doors to a greater number of students, with the acceptance rates likely to go up. Since, students have a lot of time in their hands currently, they should begin their application process to study in 2021.

Students Looking to Study after 2021

The world remains hopeful that the situation will normalize till then. However, what experts are expecting is a combination of a hybrid learning model. With universities providing a certain part of their course online with a remainder of the course being conducted offline. Students can be expected to be divided into groups, with only a set number of students allowed to attend classes at once. While universities may see a significant hit in their revenue numbers, there persists a big question on the kind of services these institutions will be able to provide.

There could be an endless list of predictions on how the situation will unfold. Therefore, it is best to rein in the horses and be patient to see how the situation unfolds.


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