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Can Students Still Study Abroad in 2020?

With the focus now shifting towards health, and ensuring that the virus does not spread any further, students find themselves lost the midst of the pandemic. Scouring for a solution, they have no sense of direction on as to how to proceed. While the pandemic has disrupted the study abroad plans of several students, here are some answers to the likely questions you have in mind right now.


Why should I still study abroad?

The number one reason students decide to attain an education abroad is because it presents them with a refined knowledge base. Learning from some of the best experts in the field, whilst at the same time being in the same classroom as international students from all over the world, allows students to develop. Not only is your cultural lens broadened, but your communication and personality skills are also harnessed. Despite the current upheaval in the study abroad platform, a significant number of students are continuing with their plans, and they are right when they do so.

When will I be allowed to travel?

With the lockdown still being imposed in several countries, along with the travel restrictions still intact, the number one question in the minds of students is when will they be allowed to travel. It's too early to predict when that is likely to happen, however, with several countries now easing restrictions there seems to be light at the end of this tunnel. Universities abroad are heavily advocating to the government in attempt to allow international students to attend classes on campus, however, in the unlikely situation of things not panning out, contingency plans are ready. Universities have currently commenced their classes online, to ensure that there is no halt in the education process. Students are also given the opportunity to switch to courses that have an online medium in the case that their earlier choice did not provide the same. Online classes ensure that students still interact with international citizens and commence their process. It is best if the student is in touch with the university under consideration to receive up-to date information as well as understand the terms and conditions.

What about my Visa?

With majority of the visa centres shut in major cities, students are worried that even if they do receive an acceptance, how will they make an application for visas. Certain visa centres are offering services online and are expected to take up the pending applications on a war footing once the situation normalizes. Students are advised to continue making an application, to ensure that they are well prepared in time and are not left scouring for a solution at the eleventh hour.

How do I appear for English Proficiency Tests?

To be able to pursue an education abroad, students are expected to possess a certain level of English proficiency. In order to do so, they are required to give an English proficiency test, this could either be the IELTS/TOEFL/PTE. However, with the test centres being closed students are unable to do so. To deal with this problem, universities are processing applications made by international students with the pre-set that these students can submit their English proficiency test scores later. In another scenario, wherein test centres are opening up, extra precautions are being undertaken to ensure the health and safety of all the parties involved. An alternative medium of testing that has risen to the occasion is Duolingo, which is an online English Language proficiency test that allows students to undertake tests from home. A significant number of universities are accepting this medium, however, visa centres are still sticking to the original stance. Many study destinations and their respective universities are now looking to assess the English proficiency levels by analysing the scores obtained in the said subject through the student's academic years.

In this time of uncertainty, it is best to remain calm and not panic. In the times to come, more information is expected to come to light and a sense of direction will be provided. Students are advised to wait and watch to see how the situation unfolds. At this time, students should analyse and work out all their options and stay up-to date with the latest happenings. Use this timely wisely to prepare for the requisite admission tests.


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