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COVID-19 Updates From Top Universities in Canada

October 2020

One of the most proactive countries when it came to battling the pandemic, Canada ensured to keep the safety, well-being and educational prospects of students in mind, even in the midst of the crisis. Constant updates and regular dissemination of information ensured that students were kept in the loop.

Universities and colleges in Canada ensured that the educational prospects of students remained unhindered and actively undertook online classes. Not just this, but it also ensured that the post-study work rights of the students remain intact. It is because of these trailblazing steps that Canada continues to remain a popular study abroad destination for students.

As a prospective study in Canada student, you look for the latest announcements from universities in Canada. Here's a list of the most important updates from top universities in Canada.

University of Alberta

  • All the necessary parties such as the student, faculty, visitors are kept in mind by the university, when planning the measures of safe return to campuses.
  • Start dates may vary based on resources and requirements to meet measures.
  • In student residence settings and other facilities not centrally managed, specific public health controls may vary.
  • Any research activity carried out will require the approval of the concerned party. Safeguards, supplies will be availed.
  • Departments were required to submit their on-campus class plans and permission beforehand is sought after.
  • People visiting campus one time or occasionally will require prior permission.
  • Permission to conduct in-person classes will be submitted to the university as well.
  • With no public events being undertaken, the university will only focus on internal events.
  • Moreover, government directives will be followed when using campus services.
  • This just goes to show, that the health of the students will be protected, taking into light the many regulations in place.

University of Waterloo

  • Courses in Canada that are conducted online may have a certain component of live learning such as online lectures and meetings.
  • The majority of the first-year courses for the Fall intake will be conducted online, taking into consideration the health of the students.
  • When travelling from outside Canada, students will be required to make arrangements for their 14-day quarantine.
  • Before leaving, students are asked to check the mode of their study in Canada.
  • Taking into account travel restrictions, students will have to show that they are traveling for essential purposes.
  • They are required to attain documents from the university that will be asked during their travel. Moreover, they will have to prepare a quarantine plan that they will be required to share with the border service agency.
  • The University has created a new subsidized Waterloo Student Quarantine Package for International students arriving to study in Canada. This includes accommodations, transportation, health check-ins and a meal plan.

McMaster University

  • With the campus life going virtual, the priority at the university is the health of the students.
  • With health protocols being introduced on and off-campus, the university looks to provide its students with the very best virtual experience.
  • Classes for the entire winter term will be online, with few exceptions, students will not need to be on campus to take courses.
  • Students enrolling in programs with an on-campus component will receive additional information directly from their departments.
  • The process used for the fall term to request the use of labs and other specialized facilities, where essential to meet program requirements, will continue to be used with requests requiring approval.
  • Residences will remain closed but will continue to provide accommodation in exceptional circumstances and to support international students or others who need to quarantine.
  • Tips, recommendations are also offered to students.

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