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Business and Finance Courses in UK

October 2020

UK an educational hub of excellence offers a plethora of courses for students to study. Once a student has embarked on the journey to study in UK, they can be rest assured that they will be met with a character enhancing education which will open wide doors of opportunities to them. Out of the ambit of courses that are available to the students, two such popular areas of study are Business and Finance.

Business courses in UK

Business as an area of study is extremely wide in nature and encompasses a variety of programs, such as, International Business, Human Resource, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship to name a few. Recently, more innovative fields have made their mark in the field of Business, these include Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Management, Retail Management to name a few. Due to the ever-advancing nature of the technological spectrum students can be rest assured that if their inclinations lie in the arena of both business and technology, they will have something to look towards. The Masters of Business program offered in the UK is one of the most sought-after programs globally.

Finance courses in UK

Another popular course of study in UK, is Finance. This field of study taps into the Quantitative Methodologies of the student and encompasses subjects such as International Finance, Business Finance, Financial Management, FinTech, Investment Finance and much more. Undergraduate programs last for a period of 3 years while Master's programs last for a period of one year. Finance courses in UK are value for money and help students attain a global view.

Selecting Universities

When you are looking at prospective universities to make your home, it is important that you take into consideration their accreditation. Taking this into account ensures that you have a successful future and helps you understand the standards of the universities into question. Knowing the accreditation of the university will enable you to make strong industry links and develop your business acumen. It goes to show your affinity to the arena of business. Some famous accreditations include AAA, ACA, CMI, CFA, ACCA, CEMA and many more.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements to study in UK in a Business and Finance course will require the students to possess knowledge of a similar background. This may include a BBA or a B. Com in case a student is looking to make an application for a Master's program. Having studied relevant modules will help add weight to your application. Other than that, individual universities have individual entry requirements when they are considering students for their programs. Moreover, in order to study in UK students also need to showcase adequate English Language Proficiency and thus, students are required to appear for the IELTS or PTE. Individual entry requirements differ according to the university under consideration, but in general cases, students are required to have 6.5 + bands overall and 5.5 + bands individually in IELTS. In some cases, universities in the Russell Group may require its students to have 6.5-7.5 bands overall and 6.7 bands in individual sections in the IELTS.


Some universities offer waivers to students based on their profile. Thus, when students utilize the services of Edwise we ensure that you get the best possible deal in your endeavour to study abroad. Moreover, some universities in UK may offer waivers to students belonging to Mumbai University, Delhi University, Bangalore University and Kolkata University to name a few.


One of the most important aspects of a student's decision to study in UK, encompasses that of scholarships. Scholarships help curtail a major component of the tuition fees of the student. There are several departmental specific and external scholarships that students can utilize. Universities in UK offer scholarships ranging from 100%-50%. Your Statement of Purpose plays a critical role in your scholarship application in UK. Students who decide to study in UK from India should be aware that there are special awards for Indian students besides the ones which individual departments may offer to those pursuing their further studies. Another important source of the scholarship is the British Government sponsored awards like the Chevening Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship, DFID scholarship. These are extremely competitive and the deadlines are much in advance of the session.


Bursaries are often smaller scholarships that in some cases are country-specific. Bursaries ranging from £1000- £3000 are offered in some cases. Some universities in UK offer discounts worth 2%-5% on tuition fees.

These world recognised qualifications taught by stalwarts in the field, help students establish industry links and gain practical exposure when they decide to study in UK.


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