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6 Biggest Hurdles To Studying Abroad And How To Overcome Them

February 2017

While studying abroad certainly has its challenges, leaving your home country is your chance to gain independence and experience new things, you will be presented with new responsibilities such as paying your bills and stocking up on groceries. Although this will take some time getting used to, these skills will be beneficial and will continue to be with you all through life. Studying overseas will also give you the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and a chance to explore the country's culture and activities. In addition, you won't be limited to traveling in just the country you are studying in, but you will also be able to visit neighbouring countries. Here are some of the hurdles most students face

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Feeling like an outsider

When studying abroad, you may feel that your sense of fashion, your inability to communicate in the local language and your presence is different from the others, however do not let this get to you, it will only be a matter of time till you fit in. Make friends with the locals there, this way you will be able establish relationships and will start feeling relaxed in your new country.

Feeling homesick

Being homesick is a perfectly normal for a student who will be studying abroad. Alot of students feel homesick for different reasons. There are ways to deal with this, for starters you could get involved in on campus activities, it could be signing up for a sport or even joining a book club, this gives you a chance to meet new people and will also keep you from getting distracted and from feeling homesick.

Language Barriers

Even if your program is taught in English, it doesn't mean you won't have a few language barriers to overcome while exploring the city or if you are living with a local family. You will meet so many interesting people during your study abroad experience. It will make you more comfortable with the language and culture. If you are not fluent in the host country's first language, carry around a translation dictionary or download apps related to foreign language. Befriend locals and engage in conversation with them. Making new friends and learning to communicate with each other is often one of the most memorable and rewarding parts of your experience.

Emotional Burden

You will be going through different phases during your stay in a foreign country. You will miss home and miss being away from your loved ones, however do not spend all of your time talking to friends and family back home. There are tons of people in your program, or at your school, looking for some friends as well. Invite them to grab dinner, go see a movie, or go explore the new city together.

Getting Lost

When figuring out a new city, you will inevitably find yourself in an unfamiliar place. It can even turn out to be a fun adventure. However, the first thing you should remember is to remain calm, getting all worked up will only cause panic. Try to retrace your steps, be on the look out for big landmarks, they will be visible from anywhere you stand, this will give you an overall sense of direction. You could also ask the locals, they are always more than willing to help out.

Financial hurdles

Create a budget on how much money you intend to spend while studying abroad. Don't splurge on trips or sightseeing too early, you will have plenty of time to do all of it.Write down everything that you buy, it could just be pack of chips or a bar of chocolate, Write it down! this way you will be able to budget and track your expenses every month. By comparing your expenses on a monthly basis, you will get a fair idea of where you're spending your money. Making friends in your new country can teach you insider secrets on where to shop and eat for less and activities that you can do that cost little money.

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