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Writing a Personal Statement for Studying Abroad

August 2017

If you're planning on a study abroad program at an undergraduate or post graduate level, you will be required to write a statement of purpose. Personal statements are one of the most crucial parts of your study abroad application; it demonstrates your ability to effectively write and communicate in English and plays a significant role in the admissions decision making process.

When writing your personal statement, it is extremely important that you do not include anything that isn't true, rather discuss what is important to you and the ambitions that you have. Remember this is your chance to stand out from the other applicants.

Every admissions office will have certain instructions when it comes to writing one, however, before you begin, it is important to note what these instructions are.

Mentioned below are some important points to keep in mind when drafting an essay.

Study Abroad

Take Your Time.

When writing your personal statement, ensure that you take your time. Create a draft of what you wish to include, this will help you organize your thoughts. Rushing the process can lead to errors, your best ideas will come to you with time.


While writing, be sure to structure your paragraphs. Writing your personal statement in paragraph form makes it more readable. The strategy here is to have a powerful introduction so the reviewers take notice. The admissions committee want to hear your story and this is your chance to make it a compelling one. Your goal here is to make yourself memorable.

Focus On Your Strengths.

When drafting your statement of purpose, focus on your strengths. In addition to writing about your passions, you can also discuss how past experiences have helped you grow into the person you are today. Be sure to also include why you should be accepted and what you will bring to the program. Your positive attitude will be highly regarded by the university admissions.

Mention What You've Done Outside The Classroom.

Write about any extracurricular activities you may have actively been involved in. For eg, be sure to include any volunteer work or work experience in your statement. This shows how relevant your experiences are to the ambitions you now have.

Plagiarism- Don't do it.

Your personal statement should contain your own work, this means you should not under any circumstances copy material from other sources. Passing off someone else's work as your own is plagiarism and your application can get rejected.

Proof Read.

It is very important that you set aside time to proof read your essay before you submit it. This way you can check for any grammatical errors you may have made while writing. You can also have your friends and family read it; they will be able to provide you with some valuable feedback.

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