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Why Study Master's of Business in New-Zealand?

August 2023

Master's of Business Administration (MBA) offers a range of benefits that make New-Zealand an attractive choice for international students’. New-Zealand is known for it's academic excellence. This helps the student's in obtaining a degree from prosperous universities and gain career prospects. The MBA programs often integrate practical projects, case studies, and real-world experiences to provide hands-on learning. Beyond academics, New Zealand offers opportunities for adventure, outdoor activities, and exploring stunning landscapes.

New Zealand Colleges for MBA

Why Masters in Business?

Pursuing a Master's in Business in New- Zealand offers a lot of benefits and opportunities to its students. Some of them are as follows:

Quality Education:

New Zealand is known for its high-quality education system. The universities and business schools in New-Zealand offer internationally recognized programs and are known for their academic excellence.

International Reputation:

New Zealand's universities are well-regarded globally, which can add value to your degree when seeking opportunities abroad or even in your home country.

Diverse Culture and Networking:

Studying in NZ exposes you to a diverse and multicultural environment. This can lead to valuable networking opportunities and the chance to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Innovative Business Environment:

New Zealand has a growing reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship. Many MBA programs in NZ focus on fostering innovation and preparing students for leadership roles in dynamic and evolving business landscapes.

Internship and Work Opportunities:

NZ offers post-study work opportunities for international students, allowing you to gain practical experience in the local job market after completing your degree. This can be beneficial for applying what you've learned and building your career.

Strong Economy:

New Zealand's stable economy and business-friendly environment provide a favorable backdrop for studying business and management. This can translate into ample job opportunities upon graduation.

Beautiful Environment:

Beyond academics, New Zealand offers stunning natural landscapes and outdoor recreational activities. This can provide a great work-life balance and enhance your overall experience while studying.

Cultural Experience:

Living and studying in New Zealand exposes you to the Maori culture and the unique Kiwi way of life. This cultural immersion can be an enriching aspect of your education.

Global Perspective:

New Zealand's geographical location in the Asia-Pacific region provides an opportunity to gain insights into business practices in both Western and Asian markets, which can be valuable in today's interconnected world.

Best colleges in New-Zealand

  1. University of Auckland Business School
  2. Victoria University of Wellington School of Business and Government
  3. University of Otago Business School
  4. AUT Business School
  5. Massey Business School
  6. University of Canterbury Business School
  7. Waikato Management School
  8. Lincoln University Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce

Work experience & Test requirements

MBA being a professional degree requires the candidate to have a professional experience. This will help them learn and gain management and leadership skills. To pursue MBA in New Zealand, aspirants require three to five years of work experience. Also, IELTS is accepted in New-Zealand.

Cost of Studying in New Zealand

The cost of New-Zealand will range from NZ$30000 to NZ$60000 for international students.

Eligibility criteria Documents

  1. A passport that is valid.
  2. LORs and CV/Resume.
  3. SOP.
  4. Passport-size photographs.
  5. Academic transcripts and marks.
  6. Scholarship essay.
  7. Loan papers if applicable.
  8. Financial papers.

Scholarships for Indian students

  1. New Zealand Scholarships for Indian Students:
  2. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP):
  3. University-Specific Scholarships:
  4. Education New Zealand (ENZ) Scholarships:
  5. Institution-Specific Scholarships:
  6. Private Organizations and Foundations:

Job opportunities

Indian students in New Zealand have the opportunity to work while they are studying so that they may gain professional experience.

Types of job opportunities

1. Part-time work during studies:

As per the latest rules and regulations, students are allowed to do part-time jobs

  • Students can work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year.
  • During summer and winter breaks, students can work full-time.

2. Post-work study opportunities

After completing their studies, students get an opportunity to stay back and work. This paves the way for gaining more experience.

Post-study Work Visa (Open): This visa allows you to work in any job for up to 12 months after completing a qualification in New Zealand.

Post-study Work Visa (Employer Assisted): If you have a job offer relevant to your qualification, you may be eligible for this visa, which allows you to work for up to two years. This visa can also provide a pathway to residency.

Skilled Migrant Category (Residence Visa):: If one has a skilled work experience in New Zealand, you may be eligible to apply for this visa, which can lead to permanent residency.

Job positions available:

  1. Hospitality
  2. Retail stores
  3. Customer Service

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Universities in New Zealand for MBA

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