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Why Should You Choose To Study In Ireland?

August 2022

Located at the western-most tip of Europe, Ireland is one of the most exquisite islands extensively across the globe. Ireland is the highest English-speaking country in Europe, having an awe-inspiring reputation for education and industry. The land of saints and scholars - Ireland, with 34 higher education institutions offers more than 5000 programs. Ireland offers undergraduate and graduate programs and that is one of the top grounds to study in Ireland. Ireland has a plethora of institutions that include 7 universities, and 14 institutes of technology, out of which 5 institutions are featured in the world's top 500 QS World University Rankings. The entrenched creative culture has made Ireland stand out on the global stage and the students passing out from institutions in Ireland are highly sought-after in diverse industries and markets all across the globe.

Reasons Why You Should Study in Ireland

What makes Ireland the best choice to pursue international studies?

Over 35,000 international students from more than 165 countries travel to Ireland to pursue their higher studies. Students choose to study in Ireland for numerous reasons, the top-most being high-quality education. A few top reasons are listed below as to why Ireland is the best place to study:

Top-notch Education System

Among all the education systems in Europe, the Irish education system is considered to be the best. The course curriculums are tailor-made in a manner that makes students employable post-education. Ireland, being the land of saints and scholars, has a global name for high quality and standards. Enrolled in various courses, there are 32,000 international students in Ireland. If a candidate aspires to think outside the box or has the thirst to set up or run an enterprise, Ireland is a preferred study destination.

Extensive courses to choose from

Top-tier universities in Ireland offer over 5000 courses in abundant disciplines that include arts, artificial intelligence, business, computer science, cyber security, data science, data analytics, engineering, humanities, machine learning, sociology, and more. An extensive range of degrees taking in Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate levels are also offered in Ireland for students to pursue.

Plethora of employment opportunities

Ireland is the European host for top-notch corporates, namely Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc, which opens doors to a myriad of opportunities for students. International students can additionally apply for part-time job opportunities while studying.

Global Recognition

The higher education of Ireland is highly renowned for its pedagogy, training methods, skill developments, etc. A good deal of students travels from all over the world to Ireland. Ireland being an English-speaking country makes it a comfortable study destination for international students.

Safe province

An honorable position is held by Ireland as the safest place in the world. The reported crime rates in Ireland are considerably less to other areas. The Irish citizens are cordial by nature and warmly welcome students and make them feel at home. More than 60% of the Irish population is under the age of 30. The Irish Government has brought strict rules into effect on the usage of arms and ammunition in public areas.

Scholarships for international students

The Government of Ireland functions to improve its supreme education policies and offers a wide range of scholarships for international students. The scholarship covers about half of the education fee for taught Master's programs. A number of Irish institutions offer full scholarships and other partial fee waivers. This scholarship provides motivation to numerous students to make an application and study in Ireland. Several government aids, private grants, and scholarships are provided to meritorious and deserving students.

Economical Living Cost

The living outlays differ based on the lifestyle of a student and their type of accommodation. On an average, the cost of living varies from 850 to 1000 EUR per month. If a candidate plans to live in a bigger city, the expenses are higher than what is to be paid for staying in towns and urban areas.

Uncomplicated Visa Process

Ireland has agreements with numerous countries. For European Union students, a visa is not required to travel or study in Ireland. Non-European students must apply online for a student visa online on the AVATS website.

Opportunity to learn a new language

The primary language spoken in Ireland is English. However, the special language of Ireland is Gaelic. Many universities offer different English courses for international students who have a shortfall for language who want to improve their skills. There are multiple opportunities to learn different languages also.

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