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Why Choose To Study Business Courses In Canada?

September 2022

Canada, one among the most sought after study abroad destinations like the USA, the UK, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, experiences the influx of a large number of international students per year. The country is known for its scenic beauty, rich and cultural heritage and age old colleges and universities. The universities and colleges in Canada offer a vast array of courses for international students to opt from. Courses in Canada are offered across various study fields ranging from Medicine and Healthcare to Law, Architecture, Computer Science and Information Technology, Nursing, Artificial Intelligence etc. A degree earned in Canada is highly valued by employers all over the world. Graduates from Canadian institutes seek lucrative job opportunities. Canada is considered to be one of the safest countries for international students with a low crime rate. Students who study in Canada have the opportunity to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week during their course and 40 hours per week during course breaks. Among the many courses offered by colleges and universities in Canada, Business courses are also offered. While deciding to study in Canada, as suggested by career experts, Indian students should opt for Business courses. This suggestion is supported by several reasons, the chief reason being the distinctive system of business education coupled with Co-Ops and employment opportunities that the country has to offer. Furthermore, students who study Business courses in Canada are offered incredible flexibility by Canadian Colleges allowing them to select:

Why Choose To Study Business Courses In Canada

  • A course offered on-campus with distance learning
  • Day, weekend as well as weeknight classes
  • Spring and Fall semesters as well as summer studies options

This flexibility provides students with an opportunity to work while studying. This is also a fact that more than 20 percent of all international students who study in Canada, including students from India, choose to pursue Business-related courses.

Reasons to pursue Business in Canada

There are numerous reasons as to why students who aspire to study in Canada should pursue Business courses. They are as under:

  • With a meticulous curriculum loaded with practical training opportunities, Business schools in Canada make sure that graduates are job-ready.
  • With a myriad of business disciplines to choose from viz. Marketing, Operations Management, Business Administration, Finance, and Hospitality, students are spoilt for choice.
  • Those pursuing Business courses in Canada acquire a chance to attain insight into the industry during the course of their program by way of internships.
  • Students who pursue Business in Canada are provided with exquisite job opportunities within the country itself as well as back home in their native country.
  • Students deciding to pursue Business courses in Canada are offered an abundance of PG (postgraduate) courses to choose from to proceed with their studies including MBA programs that are globally acclaimed.

Top Colleges in Canada to pursue Business Courses

A vast array of Business courses i.e. Degree, Diploma and Certificate courses are offered to Indian students by a large number of colleges in Canada. One aspiring to pursue Business in Canada can study the same at the following Canadian Colleges:

Pursuing Business courses in Canada: Benefits

The ample benefits acquired by students studying Business in Canada are as under:

Economical Tuition Fee

Numerous Diploma and Certificate courses in Business are offered at colleges in Canada. These courses are for a short duration of time and thus, the tuition fee is also low.


Many colleges in Canada offer work internship programs or Co-Op programs as part of the courses they offer that Indian students can undertake. Undertaking these programs enable students to earn while studying. Moreover, acquiring work experience enhances one’s resume as well as aids students in building business contacts.

Skill polishing

By studying at Business schools in Canada, students develop critical thinking and leadership skills. Studying in Canada enhances one's communication skills as well as IT proficiency. This in turn aids students in acquiring jobs as well as in business endeavors.

Attain Post-Study Work Rights or Permanent Residency (PR)

Students who study in Canada are offered Post-Study Work Rights by the country for a period of upto 3 years. On securing a job, students are eligible to apply for PR i.e. Permanent Residency. Job-seekers, international students as well as competent professionals are offered PR in Canada. In 2017, more than 40,000 Indians had attained Permanent Residency status in Canada, many of whom were students.

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