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Variety Of Permanent Residency For International Students Across Canada

September 2022

Canada has thousands of islands, many of which are wonderful places to visit. Visiting a Canadian island or two is a no-brainer, with stunning scenery, top attractions, and lovely lodging options. There are many things to see and do in Canada, from skiing and snowboarding to kayaking and canoeing and spotting grizzly bears and the Northern Lights. Canadians share important values such as pride, belief in equality and diversity, and respect for all people. These values are what distinguish Canada as a welcoming, peaceful, and secure place to live. Canada has a well-deserved reputation as one of the friendliest countries on the planet. Not only that but it is regarded as one of the safest places to live. Canada is a secure place to live, with people who have strong values and aspirations. And many international students intend to live in Canada. Many international students decide to stay in Canada permanently after finishing their studies and there are a variety of permanent residency options to pursue across Canada.

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Many of Canada's permanent residency immigration programmes give preference to applicants who have ties to a specific province, Canadian professional experience, or a Canadian educational certification. If they choose to immigrate to Canada permanently, Canadian international students can take advantage of some or all of these benefits. Please keep in mind that international students in Canada must follow the terms of their study visas throughout their stay. International students can apply for a variety of immigration programmes. However, each programme is unique and has requirements that go beyond completing Canadian studies. Here are the programs for international students to pursue a variety of permanent residency options across Canada, after graduation.

Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) programme is one of the quickest ways to obtain permanent residence in Canada. It is a category for people with skilled work experience in Canada. While there are several eligibility factors for this programme, including age, language proficiency, and level of education, one distinguishing requirement is that applicants demonstrate at least 12-months of continuous, full-time, skilled professional experience in Canada within the last three years, or an equivalent amount in part-time experience. Professional experience gained throughout full-time study does not count towards the 12-month requirement, so international students cannot use work experience gained during their study programme.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is also known as the Federal Skilled Worker Class. The FSWP is now one of three skilled worker programmes overseen by Canada's Express Entry system. In 1967, Canada established the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) to select immigrants from all over the world. However, unlike the Canadian Experience Class, FSW doesn't really require a person to have Canadian work experience, making it a great choice for international student graduates who have already gained skilled work experience abroad. If an international student meets the inclusion criteria and is highly competitive in the CRS scoring system, FSW can be an excellent path to permanent residency. Canada aspires to embrace an average of 110,000 immigrants per year through Express Entry. The FSWP is used by the majority of successful Express Entry candidates to immigrate to Canada. According to Canadian government research, FSWP immigrants have achieved fulfilling careers in Canada. Potential candidates must meet the minimum requirements for work, language ability, education, and at least 67 points on the program's 100-point grid in order to be eligible to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Provincial Nominee Programs

After Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is the second most popular way for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. Every province and territory has a PNP in place to greet skilled workers from all over the world and help their economies grow. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) allows Canadian states and territories to nominate people who want to immigrate to Canada and settle in a specific province. The primary goal of the PNP is to disseminate the benefits of immigration throughout Canada.

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