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UK Universities Participating @ The World Education Fair: APRIL-MAY'23

May 2023

Hey Folks! Edwise, India's premier overseas education consultants with more than 30 years of unmatched experience, has yet again hosted the World Education Fair 2023, set to begin with a bang from Saturday, April 22nd, 2023, and end on Sunday, May 14th, 2023. Don't miss out on the opportunity to witness the acknowledged presence of major Universities from the UK at the event. Additionally, seize the opportunity of meeting and interact with representatives from prestigious institutions and universities from 11 different countries across 14 cities. Explore the blog to discover the several factors that make the Edwise Fair unique from other education fairs.

World Education Fair UK

UK Universities Attending the World Education Fair

The following prestigious universities in UK will be present at the 2023 World Education Fair:

Cranfield University, Queen's University Belfast, University of Nottingham, Aberystwyth University, Henley Business School, University of Plymouth, University of Strathclyde, Loughborough University, University of Sheffield, City, University of London, University of Exeter, Kingston University, University of Westminster, SOAS, University of London, University of Greenwich, University of Birmingham, University of South Wales, University of Liverpool, Newcastle University, University College Birmingham, and many others.

What makes the 2023 World Education Fair unique?

  • Colleges and universities have been close collaborators of Edwise ever since its founding in 1991. Their participation at the event will serve as a springboard to get into your ideal institution.
  • There will be no admission charges at the venue.
  • In addition to networking with university representatives, you will stand a chance to meet fellow students who want to begin their study abroad journey. This will make it easier to meet people and make friends before the commencement of the course.
  • An enjoyable, stress-free experience is guaranteed at the fair thanks to the generous support provided, the comprehensive instructional brochures, and the continual attention of the Edwise personnel.
  • During the fair, Coaching, and Visa Counseling Services will be rendered.
  • In addition to the conventional ones, services including Academic Pathway Planning, Pre-Departure Assistance, and Test Preparation will be offered.

The United States, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, France, Malaysia, and Switzerland are among the other nations that will be present at the World Education Fair in 2023.


 Sr. No   Date   Day   Timing  City
1  22nd April  Saturday  10.30am – 5pm  Delhi
 23rd April  Sunday  10.30am – 5pm  Bangalore
 24th April  Monday  10.30am – 5pm  Coimbatore
 26th April  Wednesday  10.30am – 4pm  Cochin
 27th April  Thursday  10.30am – 4pm  Trivandrum
 29th April  Saturday  10.30am – 5pm  Chennai
 30th April  Sunday  10.30am – 5pm  Hyderabad
 01st May  Monday  10.30am – 5pm  Ahmedabad
 03rd May  Wednesday  10.30am – 4pm  Surat
10   06th May  Saturday  10.30am – 5pm  Pune
11   07th May  Sunday  10.30am – 5pm  Mumbai
12  09th May Tuesday  10.30am – 4pm  Jaipur
13  10th May  Wednesday  10.30am – 4pm  Indore
14  14th May  Sunday  10.30am – 5pm  Kolkata

The UK: A Brief Overview

With one of the best educational systems the world over that aims to equip students with professional and practical skill sets so that they are ready for real-world circumstances, the United Kingdom is one of the top study abroad destinations for international students. Courses in UK, with the perfect combination of theory and practise are recognised as the best and most rewarding. In addition, UK universities have earned a reputation for being among the best globally. Due to its extensive history, the UK has set a high benchmark for educational institutions in other nations.

Why should you consider studying in the UK?

Study in UK is an appealing option for a number of reasons, including:

  • In the UK, university education is of the greatest standard.
  • With undergraduate (UG) programs often lasting over 3 years and postgraduate (PG) programs typically lasting just 1 year, universities in UK offer significantly shorter courses. The rigorous structure of programs in the United Kingdom, as compared to those in many other nations, allows students to complete their studies faster without sacrificing academic quality, thereby, resulting in a faster graduation.
  • The short duration of courses in UK also leads to reduction in the tuition fees and living expenses for students.
  • During their course of study, students are permitted to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week, to help pay for both their education and everyday living costs. You may even work full-time during your semester break.
  • UK universities allow its students the flexibility to develop their creative potential.
  • The course structure and pedagogy in the UK, directed by experienced academic subject specialists, establish an environment in which students can thrive and attain their full potential.
  • Study in UK allows students to develop personally and boosts their self-esteem.
  • Universities in UK offer financial aid in the form of scholarships, and grants/bursaries.

For further assistance or queries students can contact us, Edwise International, and avail of our wide range of services for students on destinations like Universities in UK, study in UK, study in USA, study in Ireland, study in Canada, study in Australia, study in New-Zealand, study in Singapore and many other countries.

UK World Education Fair APRIL-MAY'23

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