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Trending STEM Courses in UK For Study Abroad

December 2021

With overseas education becoming the norm, international students from across the globe are increasingly choosing to study at famous destinations abroad. One of these popular destinations to study abroad is the UK. Being a hub of international education, the UK boasts internationally recognized degrees that aim at imparting holistic education to improve career prospects. Universities abroad focus greatly on ensuring that their students are equipped with diverse skillsets that set them apart from the competition in their home countries.

Popular among most sought after courses in UK, STEM programs are the crème de la crème. As STEM programs place equal emphasis on blending theory with practicality, graduates of these programs emerge with a varied skillset and professional profile.

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What is STEM?

  • While this is a famous and popular stream of education, many individuals are unaware of what STEM stands for.
  • STEM is an acronym that is used for the stream of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
  • STEM courses in UK, along with other destinations, offer a blended or advanced curriculum that encompasses each section these four subjects and widens its scope.
  • The demand for STEM courses has seen an upward trend a result of the diverse range of specializations that are constantly emerging with new advancements in the specific fields, especially in the fields of Science and Technology.

Why study STEM Courses in UK?

Being a top destination for overseas education, the UK has cemented its reputation as a hub of high quality education. Universities in UK offer a wide range of courses under the STEM umbrella with world-class facilities, trained and experienced faculties, lucrative employment opportunities and an impressive multicultural campus. STEM courses in UK are known to be extremely engaging and challenging which ensures that graduates are industry and employment ready.

The UK is also home to the top universities globally with many of them being present in international rankings. With state of the art teaching methods, the UK continues to ensure that its graduates have a competitive advantage in the market, especially when it comes down to career opportunities and placements.


Here are a few courses that have become increasingly popular among STEM students who choose to study in UK:


Biotechnology is a subject that is at the conjecture of Engineering Technologies and Biological Sciences. This field aims to understand regulation systems and living organisms through the application of science and engineering practices, which are used for industrial and other purposes.

Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Sciences is a field of study focusing on how certain areas of biology and chemistry can apply to health care. This is a discipline with a very wide range, encompassing three general areas of speciality: bioengineering, physiological sciences, and life sciences.

Artificial Intelligence

An emerging and ever evolving field, Artificial intelligence (AI) is focuses on the creating of technology that has an autonomous functionality based on human thinking. Through this course, students are presented with an opportunity to gain a fundamental knowledge of AI functions like Automatic Programming, Machine Learning, Problem Solving, Reasoning, Natural Language Recognition etc.

Computer Science

Another product of technological advancement, Computer Science is a field that focuses on the study of computers and computational systems. The course focuses majorly on Software and Software Systems. Within these, students also get a chance to learn about the intricacies of theory, design, development, and application of software.

Civil Engineering

A popular tangent of Engineering, Civil Engineering is one of the most sought after courses in UK and globally. Civil Engineering focuses on the practice of designing and developing infrastructure projects commercially and in the industry. The course covers the segments of like Planning, Design, Construction Management, Budgeting etc. Careers in this field encompass a variation of all these segments and more.

Mechanical Engineering

Another popular and frequently opted course for STEM students is Mechanical Engineering. The course focuses majorly on machinery and its application in designing of automobiles, aircrafts and other heavy vehicles. Students are also taught about the facets of design, construction, and use of machines, majorly in the industrial sphere.

Data Science

A new age course, which has quickly gained traction among international students, Data Science is a field that majorly focuses on data. This field is a blend of Mathematics, Business, Algorithms and Machine Learning. The field aims to help understand data, the hidden insights within it and understand patterns derived from raw data. This analysis is then used as reference while making important business decisions.

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