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Trending MS Programs To Study in The USA

December 2021

The USA, known for its scenic beauty is one of the most sought after study abroad destinations for international students. The country is known for its age old colleges and universities. Universities in USA offer a plethora of courses for international students to opt from. Courses in USA are offered across various disciplines ranging from Business Analytics and Psychology to Medicine and Law. All these study fields have earned a name in the USA, however the trending MS programs in USA include:

Universities in USA for International Students


This area of study deals with creating, designing, optimizing and maintaining machines as well as structures, systems and processes. This course requires students to possess a list of prerequisite skill sets in designing, mathematics and advanced problem solving. The course has a duration of 2 years; however, it can vary according to universities. Students opting for the Engineering course need to be creative while at the same time have the ability to use mathematics and science tools properly. This course enhances the problem solving, teamwork and project management, decision making and communication skills of the students. The entry requirements may vary, however, good grades in Science and Mathematics is a prerequisite. Certain colleges require students to appear for an entry proficiency test. Under the Engineering program, one can specialize in the following- Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The skills acquired by the students enables them to become project managers thereby, opening the pathway for them to undertake any other research activity or even a PhD.

Computer Science

The Computer Science program taught through the method of research, peer-based training and lectures aids in building on the students' prior knowledge in the said field. Computer Science is a highly competitive study field that encompasses computer and its systems. The university plays a key role in determining the duration of the program. The Computer Science field is a crucial field of study that is increasing rapidly. Under this program, students can specialize in the following: Computational Geometry, Computer Architecture, Data Mining, Robotics, Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Artificial Intelligence, Bio informatics, among others. Students specializing in Computer Science can secure jobs with software and IT companies, government while some students aspire to become entrepreneurs.

Supply Chain Management

This field of study, Supply Chain Management, relates to the efficient movement of the commodity from the supplier to the consumer. It aims to not only plan but also organize the delivery system. Through the SCM course, to give the business a competitive edge, students are permitted to make cost effective decisions. The increasing popularity of e-commerce has resulted in Supply Chain Management gaining importance. This is a multidisciplinary field that aims at planning and controlling the strategic sourcing of the company. Students learn research analysis and problem- solving skills which in turn, enables him/her to take up jobs as a supply chain consultant, project manager, industry analyst, sourcing and marketing. Students, through this course are taught to maintain logs and manage the inventory. Pursuing courses abroad enables students to acquire key positions in the business owing to the vital role it plays in customer relations.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics as a field of study, aims at strategically managing operations and finance of a business. It looks to evaluate consumer behaviour, market analysis, supply behaviour, and understands the role played by social media in the functioning of the business. It is a challenging field that uses data to resolve problems pertaining to the business. Business Analytics is generally a one-two year program that is data driven, in turn, enabling students to undertake decisions on market scenario, consumer analysis, statistics and database management. Students gain information based on operations research and project management, business data analytics, predictive and database analytics, etc. One should have knowledge in the fields of Economics, Statistics and Computer Science, Mathematics, Business Engineering, among others.


Students pursuing MS in Finance courses in USA are taught to make financial decisions and manage money. Through the duration of the course, the economic tools that the student uses enable him/her to get an understanding of the financial market. Students studying an MS course in Finance can secure jobs in the banking sector, insurance, financial planning, real estate, among others. A prerequisite in the Finance field is working with numbers which in turn, will enable students to predict financial trends to the financial demands of the company. Finance courses in USA are crucial since they help the company meet the financial demands. Students pursuing a MS degree in Finance can procure jobs such as that of an investment banker, financial manager, stock broker/economist and financial analyst. Studying a Finance course in the USA in turn allows a student to study various subfields. MS programs in USA have global recognition and receive support from the government.

Management Information Systems

Master's in MIS is an amalgamation of both, Information Technology and Business courses in its curriculum. This program deals with applying Information Systems to the Organization in order to build business prospects. It deals primarily with Knowledge management/Data. Courses in MIS usually include Database Marketing, Systems Development, Digital Business Systems (e-commerce), Project Management/SDLC, Telecom Management, Decision Support Systems. MIS courses in USA prepare for future Business Analysts, IT Managers, System Analysts, and Programmers in Banking, Healthcare, Marketing, Insurance, and other major domains.

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