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Trending Master's Degrees To Pursue In The UK- 2022 (Part-2)

October 2022

One of the most sought-after study abroad destinations among a myriad of international students is the UK, a country known for its long standing and renowned colleges and universities. A large number of international students fly to the country each year to seek admission in UK to pursue their higher studies. The country is regarded for its friendly nature, top-notch quality education, cultural diversity, and high standard of living. These are few among the many reasons why students aspire to study in UK. As mentioned earlier, UK college admissions occur in three intakes, namely Summer, Fall, and Winter intakes. Part 1 of the article looked at a few of the popular postgraduate degrees to pursue in the UK. On the other hand, the next part throws light on the other trending Master's degree that students can opt for in the UK.

Universities in UK

Other popular Master's degree for international students to opt for:

Medicine and Dentistry:

Studying medicine courses in UK has become the most intriguing choice for international students spanning several decades and generations. The UK stands out for its peculiar teaching pedagogy used in all its universities and institutions, from the vast array of courses to its top notch level of education. For the majority, medicine still seems to be an ambitious course. Moreover, those enrolling in medicine courses in UK can be assured of the fact that graduates from this course i.e. medicine and dentistry are highly desired in the country with average salaries ranging upto EUR 100,000 yearly. A postgraduate degree in Medicine and Dentistry in the UK offers specializations in Sports Medicine, Dental Education, Physiotherapy, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Prosthodontics, Medical Education, Oral Surgery, Clinical Anatomy, Nuclear Medicine, and Bioscience.

Political Science:

The responsibility of comprehending societal dynamics is enhanced by studies in political science. This in turn, serves as a tool to represent nations, people, and communities. Political Science focuses on the functioning of a government body, how laws are made and how amendments are put into action, and everything pertaining to the process of selecting government representatives. Political Science influences the lives of many people significantly based on the decisions made by them and propels society by enhancing knowledge and preparing people for the future. One opting for a Postgraduate degree in Political Science can specialize in Politics of the Middle East, International Relations, Terrorism, Policing and Security, International Human Rights Practice, Corporate Governance, Political Science, International Politics, Environment, Politics, and Development, and International Affairs.

Business Administration and Management:

Studies in Business and Administration help students develop special skills and practices that in turn, enable them to initiate, plan, and carry out several operations at different levels within an organization right from finance to accounting to marketing to management to human resources and countless other fields. Specific areas of interest like aviation management, sports management, supply chain management, construction management, and others can be studied under Management degrees offered in the UK. Many organizations the world over require strong-willed leaders with innovative ideas to address contemporary problems with modern solutions. Degrees in Business Administration and Management create additional possibilities in terms of employment prospects and entrepreneurial abilities for one to start constructing their dream fort. Specializations in this discipline are as under: Master of Business Administration in Finance, Executive MBA, Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics, Global MBA (Sales Management), Master of Business Administration, Sport Business and Management, International Management, Construction Project Management, International Marketing, and Global MBA (International Business).

Arts and Design:

Students of arts are gaining more popularity in growing studios and enormous production companies right from the movie industry to the video game industry. The art industry is on the lookout for qualified workers like never before. For entrepreneurs to flourish in the art industry, more possibilities as well as a favourable environment are being created by art and design. One pursuing a Master's degree in Arts and Design in the UK can specialize in any of the following: Creative Computing, Games Art & Design, Cinematography, Animation, Visual Communication Design (Management), Film Production, User Experience Design, Craft Editing, Art & Design in Education, Graphic Design, Fine Art & Design, Creative Technologies, Film Making, Digital Product Design, Directing, Art & Design, Web Design and Development, Illustration, Design Informatics, Research Art & Design, and Painting.


The UK offers some of the greatest engineering programmes in the world, which enables each student to undertake activities like research and learning through doing STEM methodologies, which are absolutely essential skills required in the job market. The university-company collaboration initiatives provide students with more benefits by offering them internship and employment opportunities right after graduation. On the basis of their experience and expertise, engineering graduates in the UK earn a salary ranging from EUR 50,000 to EUR 110,000. A postgraduate degree in Engineering in the UK offers specializations in Civil Engineering, Mathematics, Wireless Communication Systems, Mechanical Systems Engineering, Innovation Engineering, Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Advanced Control, and Systems Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

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