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Top Six Best Study Abroad Destinations

December 2017

Universities worldwide have seen a constant rise in the number of Indian students enrolling for a degree away from their home country. The best part of studying abroad is that you get the opportunity to see the world and also a chance to experience different styles of education.

Besides being a part of a unique culture, a student can also improve his English as well as learn a new language altogether.

Here is a list top six countries to choose from as your Study Abroad Destination.

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Australia :

Australia stands at the third place in highest number of foreign students. It is home to 7 universities in the top 100 of the prestigious QS rankings. Along with top class education, the country also offers stable work opportunities and an array of diverse courses.

World-class education:

The Australian universities hold the top five positions in a number of subjects including Nursing, sports disciplines and a number engineering, medicine and pharmacy courses. Australian universities have majorly invested in research in almost all fields of science, medicine and technology.

Great work opportunities:

Student visas permit the students to work for 40 hours every two weeks during the course duration and unrestricted hours during course breaks. Students can work in the retail, hospital, tourism, agriculture, sales and telemarketing sectors in clerical roles or engage in tutoring.

The Graduate Work Stream Visa, granted for 18 months, is only issued to international students who complete their education in Australia in areas which are in demand in the Australian labour market. The Post Study Work Stream visa is granted for two, three or four years depending on the educational qualifications.

Canada :

Canada, one of the largest countries in the world is a great place for students of all ages to go to learn and explore. Canada's high academic standards and rigorous quality controls mean that you will be earning a high quality education that will open doors for your future and benefit your career over the long term.


Canadian Institutes, charge lower tuition fees for international students than their counterparts in competing countries like USA and UK. The price tag for higher studies in Canada is roughly half compared with other leading study destinations like the USA. Tuition fees vary from institution to institution. On average, students will have to shell out nearly CAD 10,000-40,000 per year.

Work during and after the program:

Students in Canada are allowed to work part time on campus during the first 6 months of their program and off campus part time thereafter. The duration permitted is upto 20 hours per week. Students on the completion of their program of one year can work upto one year and those applying for a two year program can work for 2-3 years.

Singapore :

In many ways, it is best for Indian students to choose East rather than West. Singapore ranks 8th in the INSEAD Global Innovation Index, is a major hub for Banking and Finance and a World trading port. Its business friendly policies and an international outlook made it a natural hub for trade and commerce in Asia. What has added to the growth of the country is its education system and high level of academia. It offers lower tuition fees, good job opportunities, and excellent quality of life compared with the West.


Though, it is a costly city in its own way, it still offers economical options for higher education. Except for the closer vicinity to India and lower travel cost, the tuition fee and cost of living in Singapore is cheaper than UK and USA. If you decide to live on campus, you don't have to worry about the rent much.

Job Opportunities:

International students are allowed to work for 16 hours a week during school days and full-time during holidays. After finishing studies, you can remain in Singapore for a year to find a job.

Germany :

It is a land of research, which has changed many of its policies to increase the influx of expert professionals from around the world. Apart from its 1,000 international degree programs in the English medium, international students are drawn by its tuition-fee-waiver schemes, scholarships, and job opportunities.

Top Courses and Fees:

Germany is known worldwide for courses like Engineering and Technology, Biological and Life Sciences, Business, Economics; Humanities and Social Sciences.

As most German universities are government-funded, the tuition fee for many postgraduate courses is low in public universities.

Berlin and Munich have the top 5 German Universities, with lower rentals and lower cost of living than US and UK cities.

Job Opportunities:

Students' jobs are quite easily available. Once students finish their studies, they can apply for a job visa and stay for 18 months to search a job. German language proficiency is not a pre-requisite for job visa, but it is recommended for better job opportunities.

Russia :

Rising tuition fees and a sluggish job market in Europe are driving students to Russia, where over 5,000 international students enrolled this year to the top Universities. Courses in Business management, Aircraft Engineering, Oil and Gas exploration are attracting international students to Russia.


While US $1,000 a month would not be enough to pay your rent and living costs in most European countries, you could get by in Russia in just US $450- 550 a month, which covers your rent, transportation and laundry. On top of that, the Russian government subsidizes the tuition fee of foreign students in the state universities by up to 80 percent.

Job Opportunities:

International students can find legal employment on the strength of their visa, but it is important to know Russian.

New Zealand :

New Zealand is fast becoming a choice of international students who wish to get quality education at an affordable cost. New Zealand university system is based on British Education model which is more of a research-based and as India too follows British education system, it becomes easy for Indian students to adjust.

Top Courses and Fees:

New Zealand is known worldwide for courses like Engineering and Technology, Tourism, Aviation, Business Management, Hospitality. Tuition fees vary between Universities. Generally, PG studies cost between $7000 to $21000, depending on the course.

Job Opportunities and Cost of Living:

Students can work for 20 hours during their semester and full time during the holidays. You can stay for one year after the completion of studies to search a job.

The student should be ready to spend from $4000 to $8000 yearly, depending on the location and the lifestyle. The cheapest accommodation comes at around $320 per month.

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Great experience, counselor was very nice, helpful and made sure she was available whenever I needed.

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Edwise has Guided me in every manner. Team is Very Cooperative. Good Work!

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My experience with Edwise has been good. I was really satisfied with the services and counseling I got. My queries were heard and were taken seriously and answered too. Very friendly and helpful counselors.

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