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Top Reasons Why study in UK is Popular with Indian Students

February 2021

Universities in UK are one of the oldest in the world with a history dating back centuries. Thus, it comes as no surprise that study in UK for Indian students is a prominent concept.

Here are some of the many reasons why study in UK is popular with Indian students.

Scholarly Excellence

  • Across the globe, universities in UK are revered for their scholarly excellence.
  • According to a range of university rankings, UK universities often rank amongst the top 10 globally.
  • Over theoretical learning, a more practical based approach is utilized by the universities. What this helps develop in students is analytical, critical and creative thinking skills.

Remarkable Academics

  • An independent body named the Quality Assurance Agency assess the education standards of universities. It not just monitors and assess, but also offers feedback on how it can be made better.
  • Moreover, universities in UK are revered for their research programs which are also under constant monitoring to ensure that it meets the requisite standards.
  • All of this ensures that the students can attain impeccable standards of learning, research and teaching pedagogy irrespective of the course they decide to study.

Shorter Course Duration

  • When compared to other study abroad destinations, study in UK is shorter owing to its shorter course duration.
  • Undergraduate programs are for three years, whilst postgraduate programs are for a period of one year.
  • Coupled with this, the Indian educational qualifications are accepted in the UK, making a large number of Indian students flock to the UK to attain their education.

Work Opportunities

  • Students in the UK are permitted to work during the duration of their programs for 20 hours per week which is part-time.
  • Whilst they can work full-time during the duration of the course. This attracts a large number of Indian students since they can cover certain living expenses.
  • Coupled with this, the practical exposure they receive to a foreign work environment is a cherry on the cake.

Economical Education

  • Due to the shorter course duration, the cost to study in UK naturally comes down.
  • Coupled with this, universities in UK also offer a range of financial assistance through scholarships and bursaries which helps bring down the cost of education.

Health Benefits

  • Owing to the recent pandemic, health has taken precedence over a range of factors.
  • Thus, the recent announcement by the UK government stating that international students will receive access to the COVID-19 vaccine free of cost, as soon as it's available has been a huge motivating factor for Indian students.
  • Moreover, through the National Health Services (NHS), international students have access to free medical treatment during their study in UK. To reap the same benefit, students have to pay a minimal International Health Surcharge.

Connected to Europe

  • With proximity to Europe, students in the UK have access to many European cities that students can visit in their breaks.

If you are looking to study in this magnificent country, get in touch with Edwise to commence the application process.

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