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Top 7 Universities for Public Relations in New Zealand

November 2023

Top 7 Universities for Public Relations in New Zealand

Why New Zealand for Public relations?

  1. New Zealand is a country known for its high-quality education system. The country has a number of reputed universities that are recognised globally.
  2. The universities here are globally recognised and accredited around the world. This gives value to the qualifications that are obtained from this programme.
  3. New Zealand is a diverse country, which gives a lot of exposure to cultures and perspectives. This also provides good communication skills, which is an essential skill in the field of public relations.
  4. New Zealand has been offering internship opportunities to the students. This allows them to gain practical exposure and gain valuable feedback in the field of public relations.
  5. New Zealand has a safe and welcoming environment. This makes it an attractive destination for international students. The supportive community contributes to the positive student environment.
  6. New Zealand focuses on research- based learning. The students get an opportunity to engage in research projects and gain practical skills. This prepares them for the professional world.
  7. The country has a variety of public relations programmes that allows the students to specialise in digital media, crisis communication, corporate communication, etc.
  8. New Zealand gives internship and part-time opportunities to its students. This allows them to gain practical experience in their respective field.

Best Universities for Public Relations in New Zealand

University of Auckland

The University of Auckland has a strong focus on media and communication studies. The students have an access to gain practical knowledge in the field of public relations, media and communication. The university has collaborations with industry partners that provides networking opportunities to its students. In addition, the university organises guest lectures, seminars and a lot more so that the students may gain practical knowledge.

Massey University

Massey University encourages the students to engage in research and innovation in communication and related fields. With this, the students get the chance to do research projects that contribute to the advancements in the field and gain valuable research experience. The university contributes to the students’ career development and understanding of the industry as a whole. The university gives many opportunities to its students with regards to guest lectures, giving industry insights, etc.

AUT University (Auckland University of Technology)

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) has flexible learning options. This includes part-time and online courses. This caters to the diverse needs of students. The flexibility allows the students to balance their studies and work life and other commitments. The university emphasizes on practical learning that is necessary for students who want to apply the knowledge in the respective field.

Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University is a renowned university that is known for its strong focus on communication and its related fields, practical training, advanced knowledge in the field. The university is known for offering a conducive academic environment and concentrates on the relevant education. Apart from this, the university has been providing programmes in specialised areas such as media studies, public relations and communication management. There is also an option of pursuing graduate and postgraduate programmes.

University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury focuses on research. The students get an access to the various research opportunities that contribute to the understanding of various topics related to public relations. Also, the university encourages the students to gain practical knowledge through practical skills and real-world settings. The university offers programmes in communication, public relation, media studies, communication management. With a strong focus on research, students get the opportunity to the academic understanding of communication-related topics that includes public relations as well.

Waikato Insitute of Techology (Wintec)

Wintec offers a wide variety of programmes including studies in public relations, communication and other related fields. The school focuses on practical learning and creativity. The students get an opportunity to apply their knowledge in real-world context. The university offers flexible learning options including part-time and online courses that help the students in balancing their studies and work commitments. Wintec focuses on practical skills, industry readiness where students engage in projects that cater to critical thinking and creativity in the field of communication.

Ara Institute of Canterbury

Ara Institute of Canterbury gives the students the opportunity to engage in local community that provides the students the opportunity to apply the skills in projects and initiatives. This gives a sense of social responsibility to the students. By offering a conducive environment to its students’, the school has been emphasizing on academic excellence and conducive learning. Also, the practical learning helps the students in being a bridge between academic learning and real-world application. Ara Institute focuses on practical learning as students also get the opportunity to apply their knowledge through internships and campus placements.

What is the intake?

New Zealand offers two major intakes -January and July.

 Type of Degree  Cost
 Undergraduation  NZD 20,000- NZD 35,000
 Postgraduation  NZD 25,000- NZD 50,000

Job opportunities for Public Relations in New Zealand

There are a plenty of job opportunities that are available for Public Relations in New Zealand. This includes part-time, full-time, internship and freelancing opportunities. The job options are as follows:

  • Public Relations Specialist/Manager
  • Media Relations Officer
  • Communications Coordinator/Officer
  • Corporate Communications Manager
  • Digital PR Specialist
  • Community Relations Coordinator
  • Government/Public Affairs Specialist
  • Event and Marketing Communications Coordinator
  • Crisis Communication Manager
  • Consultant in PR Agencies
  • Non-Profit/Public Sector Communications Manager
  • Freelance or Independent PR Consultant

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Top 7 Universities for Public Relations in New Zealand

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