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Top 7 Courses to Study Abroad That Will Make You Money

July 2021

The study abroad route for students is often chosen by those that wish to upgrade their skills and expand their career prospects. Among the many courses abroad offered, there are those that help graduates earn hefty employment packages after they complete their courses.

With globalization and technological advancements across the globe, there are courses abroad from different verticals; they are many courses specific to the fields of Engineering and Information Technology.

Here are the top 7 courses that have high employability prospects for graduates:

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1. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a faction of Engineering that largely deals in combining Engineering, Physics and Mathematics with Materials Science. This course helps student become proficient in Design, Analyse, Manufacture, Production, and Operation, and maintain Mechanical Systems.

After graduation, the students may find work in the industry as a Mechanical Engineer. The various industries that students can find employment are Engineering services, Machinery Manufacturing, Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing, R&D in Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences, manufacturing of Aerospace products.

This course is largely offered by universities in Canada, universities in UK, and Australia.

A Mechanical Engineer can earn an annual salary of around, or more than, $83,590 to $85,880 per year.

2. Civil Engineering

In this faction of Engineering, the applied science disciplines of Physics and Mathematics are combined to address the infrastructural needs society like roads, buildings, bridges etc. Civil Engineering includes Construction Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Highway Engineering, and includes maintenance of roads, dams, buildings, and other commercial infrastructure.

Graduates from these programs work as Civil Engineers and their main roles include the overall command over construction projects right from designing to supervision, and operations to maintenance, in private and public sectors. Some areas of employment include Engineering services, State government, Local government, Non-residential building construction.

Universities in Australia and Universities in USA are those that greatly offer these courses.

Graduates can earn an average annual salary of $62,498 to $82,220, maybe more, varying among countries.

3. Actuarial Science

The field of Actuarial Science highlights the use of advanced statistics and modelling software/techniques to assess risks in insurance and finance field. This field also helps analysts forecast cost and probability trends of a particular event.

Graduates from these courses can work as Actuarial Analysts, Actuarial Assistants, Health Actuaries, Pricing Actuaries, Internal Auditors, Assurance Managers, Financial Auditors, and Audit Managers, in the areas of Finance and Insurance or offer individual professional scientific and technical services in the market.

Universities in UK and Universities in New Zealand are among the popular destinations that offer courses abroad in this field.

Professionals, across the globe, in this field can earn a median salary between $84 575 - $97,070.

4. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is a technical course that amalgamates the disciplines of Biology and Engineering. Through this field, Engineering principles and materials are applied to Medicine and Healthcare.

Graduates of these courses can find employment opportunities as Biomedical Engineers, Biomedical Technicians, Clinical Engineer, Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) etc. The main job roles include Manufacturing of Medical equipment and supplies, measuring electro-medical, and control instruments manufacturing, R&D in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing.

Universities in Ireland and Universities in Canada are among those that offer this course globally.

Professional in this field may earn an average annual salary of $56,590 to $149,440.

5. Computer Network Engineering/Information Technology

Computer Network Engineering is a field within Information Technology that deals with planning, design and implementation of computer and information networks, ensuring that they are optimized and functioning properly.

Graduates of courses in this field can find employment as Computer Network Architects, Network Security Administrators, and Network Architects etc. The roles may involve Wired Telecommunications Carriers, managing Computer System Designs and Wireless Telecommunications, among others.

Universities in UK and Universities in USA are among those that offer specialisations in these courses. Graduates from this course may earn an average annual salary of $75817 - $100,240, depending on the country of employment.

6. Cyber Security

With advancements in Technology, Cyber Security is becoming a popular course. This field covers and safeguards a company's computer system and networks, from data breaches or cyber-attacks from hackers and unlawful activity.

Graduates in the field can find employment in the field as Information Security Analyst, Systems Security Administrator, Cyber Security Analyst, Firewall Administrator, Security Architect etc.

The key roles undertaken include managing Computer systems designs, information management of companies and enterprises, scientific and technology consultant services etc.

Universities in UK and Universities in Ireland are among the popular preferences for students looking to pursue a career in this field.

Professionals in this field can earn an average annual salary of $90,120 - $116,000Universities in UK and Universities in Ireland are among the popular preferences for students looking to pursue a career in this field.

7. Finance

Counted among one of the most popular courses among students, Finance course aim to equip students with the right skillsets to gain a proficiency to advise clients on financial management, financial services sales or financial analysis, providing financial advice etc.

Graduates can find employment as Financial Advisors, Financial Planners, Financial Investment Advisors, and Portfolio Managers etc.

Universities in USA and Universities in New Zealand are some of the popular destinations for these courses.

Graduates can earn an average annual salary of $75,000 - $89, 000.

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