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Top 5 Engineering Destinations

July 2020

One of the most sought-after programs, Engineering is a popular course of study due to the high remuneration it offers.


With an ambit of study destinations in the picture, a student is often left hassled when deciding which country to study from. If you are looking to study Engineering abroad, here's a list of a few of the most popular countries you can undertake the said course of study from.


One of the most renowned study destinations, the advancements that the country has made in areas of research and technology are unbeatable. Hence, a significant number of students choose to make the USA their study home. Few of the world's most popular universities are located in the USA, that offers immaculate Engineering programs which draw a significant number of international students. In order to be eligible to study Engineering in the USA, students are required to adhere to certain entry requirements. For instance, those looking to study at the undergraduate level are required to appear for the SAT, whilst those looking to study at the postgraduate level need to appear for the GRE. Not just this, but if the student wishes to study a Master's program, they are also required to possess 16 years of education. Moreover, to highlight English proficiency skills, the student will also be required to appear for the IELTS/TOEFL/PTE. Students with certain degrees in the STEM field which include Engineering programs are allowed to work for 36 months.


The UK has a great Engineering heritage since some of the greatest discoveries in the field have been made there. Some of the most distinguished minds in the field of study have also originated from the UK. The engineering degree that students receive from the UK can either be a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) or a Masters of Engineering (M.Eng.). The B.Eng. program is a three-year intensive course, upon completion of which a student can become an Incorporated Engineer. The M.Eng. program is a university-level qualification which is a 4-year program, however certain students complete it in 5 years who wish to get one-year work experience. Upon achievement of the M.Eng. course, a student becomes a Chartered Engineer. Strong academic credentials are a must when looking to make an application into an Engineering program. With the newly brought in 2-year stay back opportunity, a greater number of students are pulled towards studying in the UK.


Some of the most renowned Engineering companies are set in Germany, which explains the fact that some of the most popular institutions for studying Engineering are in Germany. The economical course structure is a major pull factor to the aspirants, along with the fact that an increasing number of courses are now conducted in English. Since, automotive companies are eminent in the country, those students looking to make a footing in the said area of study are especially drawn to Germany. Moreover, the country allows students to work during the duration of the course and also offers stay back opportunities which is another alluring factor for its aspirants.


A large number of Australian universities have made their place in top ranking institutions internationally. A wide range of specializations are offered at its research-intensive universities which harnesses a student's critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills, all of which come in handy in the long run. From Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Computer, Industrial, Aerospace, Environmental, and a range of other Engineering specialisations are available to study in Australia. Students also have the opportunity to undertake the Vocational Education and Training program, which act as pathways into universities. Not only this, but there also exist several postgraduate programs for Engineering in Australia. Because the said field of study falls under the skilled migrant category in Australia, students also have the opportunity to receive stay back opportunities. Certain Engineering courses in Australia also have a co-op program included in them, that allows students to practically put their skills to test in a working environment.


Engineering is one of the most famous courses that students opt to study in. With its wide array of courses and specialties, it equips its students with the right skills and knowledge for a successful future career. Certain course curriculum has an included work term which gives students the opportunity to gain practical knowledge related to the field of specialization. With a large number of benefits, one of the most prominent benefits is gaining on the job training while studying the program. These programs usually last for 12-17 weeks. Engineering courses in Canada include a multitude of subjects with relevant work experience, giving you a head start with your job prospects. These are great opportunities for you to connect with the job market by networking with companies.

With an array of specialisations offered such as Chemical, Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil, Aerospace, and much more, it taps into the interests of a large section of people. Nearly every industry offers scope to Engineering graduates.


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