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Study Abroad Guide

Things to Do While Preparing to Study Abroad

August 2020

Humanity has been faced with many challenges over the years. A common result of all these challenges is the emergence of education. People have always sought-after education. Take the 2008 financial crisis, for instance, a large section of the population decided to shift towards education.

With the current pandemic halting study abroad dreams of quite a few aspirants, it would be detrimental to think that there is nothing that you can do. The case is quite the opposite. This is the perfect time to undertake some activities which will come in handy when looking to illuminate your university application. Here's your guide on how to best utilize this time for preparing to study abroad.

Research your interests

This is the perfect time to truly understand your inclinations. You can research on the field of your inclination and pin down the specialization you are looking to study. Look at universities offering the course under consideration which will help make your decision. Go into the crux of the matter and look at the global rankings of the university, course curriculum, entry requirements, faculty employed and future prospects. You could also look at the scholarship opportunities in place. However, if you are feeling lost in the midst of all this information and require a helping hand, we are at your service. As India's leading overseas education consultants, we have organized Live Free Virtual Counselling sessions, which presents you with an opportunity to interact with expert counsellors from the comfort of your home.

Prepare for requisite admission tests

When you are undertaking research on your dream university, you will have to pay special attention to the entry requirements. As a prospective student, you will be required to appear for certain examinations to meet their criteria. This includes either the IELTS/TOEFL/PTE for the English Language requirement or the SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT. Use this time in hand and prepare for these exams. Acing these tests will add a strong boost to your overall application. In the area of study abroad tests, we have you covered as well. Our expert faculty are now offering their services from home, which means that you can now prepare for these tests from the safety of your home.

Get your application documents in order

Universities abroad require a list of documents when receiving an application. These include your transcripts, resume, SOP, LOR's, certificates and much more. Commence the process of getting these in order. Since the SOP is one of the most crucial documents of your application, pour your heart and soul to ensure that it is up to the mark.

Commence your application process

We highly recommend that you commence your application process. Taking into account the current scenario, a significant number of universities have extended their deadlines, which means you still have time to make an application to your dream university. Not just this, but waivers are also being provided by them to ensure that there does not exist any obstacle on the journey of your overseas education. Don't wait till the eleventh hour, by making sure that you have made an application you ensure yourself that when the travel restrictions are lifted you will be at an advantage and will be ready to study at your destination.

Set-up your finances

Funding becomes a major component of your education abroad, thus, use this time to ensure that you have everything you need in order. There is a range of funding avenues that you can consider, these include the likes of scholarships, loans, waivers, bursaries, savings and much more. Explore all your options and make sure that you have a plan in action. If you are dependent on scholarships as your source of funding, get your application in. Apart from the tuition fees, there is a range of other funding that you need to take into consideration, these include accommodation, food, transportation and much more. Thus, plan ahead so that you have everything ready when the time arrives.

These are indeed tough times for everyone. However, one must remain deterministic and face the challenge head-on. It is important to remember the many benefits study abroad programs possess and ensure that you strive towards achieving your dream. As study abroad consultants, we are at your beck and call, enabling you to reach your potential and acting as a guiding light through your journey.


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