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Things To Know Before Studying In Germany

September 2022

Thousands of international students flock to Germany each year, making it a diverse international student hub. International students are as valuable to Germany as Germany is to international students and their careers. Because of factors such as its world-class education, affordability, beautiful culture, and rich history, this Western European country is among the best options for studying abroad. Before you set out on your journey to study abroad in Germany, make sure you have everything you need, including some background information on how things will be once you arrive. If you are planning a trip to Germany soon or are still deciding where you want to study, we have created a list of things to know before studying in Germany.

Things To Know Before Studying In Germany

Here is the list of things to know before studying in Germany

It's a plus if you speak German

Even if your degree course does not demand you to speak German fluently, understanding the language is always beneficial. However, because Germany is a popular exchange programme destination, you will indeed be able to get around without speaking the language because people in the larger cities, particularly younger people, can speak at least some English. To learn German, you must first become acquainted with the fundamentals before travelling to Germany, where you will be able to practise your skills with locals. There are also numerous options for learning the language once you arrive in Germany, such as university programmes, private language courses and numerous online options.

There is an abundance of paperwork

Prepare for a lot of paperwork once you arrive in Germany. Paperwork is only difficult when you have to collect everything and ensure that no important documents are missing. In Germany, you will need to become acquainted with the country's customs and jargon. It will be extremely beneficial to you. Make sure to embrace everything, whether it's your visa requirements, bank account documentation, rental contracts, or any other official documents that may come your way.

It is not always possible to obtain a free education

Tuition fees are a major concern for students considering studying abroad, but that isn't the case in Germany. This country is popular with international students because it offers high-quality, world-class learning for little to no tuition fees, which are actually negligible in comparison to other study destinations around the world. But it isn't always free. Tuition-free education is only available in Germany if you apply to specific programmes at public universities. Tuition fees, which can be quite expensive, are required for study at private universities. Nonetheless, public universities are reputed for their excellence and quality of education, so if you have the opportunity to study at one, don't pass it up.

Germans Value Punctuality

Germans actually value punctuality and consider it impolite when someone is even a few minutes late. Whether you're going to a doctor's appointment or just meeting up with friends, you must make punctuality your closest buddy during your time in Germany. Germans are known for their strictness, organization, and methodical nature. They devote a significant amount of time to planning their workday or social life. Punctuality may be regarded as an important asset of their culture, and if you want to make a good impression, buy a wristwatch and never be late for a meeting, no matter what the meeting may be.

It Will Be Difficult to Find Places to Stay

Accommodation is not available at every German university. Those universities that do provide student housing usually have affiliated dorms or student housing that is organized through your partner institution. Furthermore, some universities provide single-person housing; if you want to live in one of these, you should contact your university. International students in Germany typically live in shared flats, but if you want to find something convenient, you should start looking for an apartment as soon as possible. There are resources available in English that you can look into online, but make sure you do your research thoroughly so that you find a location that is close to where you will be studying so that you do not waste time commuting.

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